Domestic Cleaning Notting Hill

Would You Prefer Someone Else Doing Your Cleaning?

Most people have heard of Notting Hill, thanks to the film starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. However, only a few people (in contrast to the people in the world who like the film) actually get to live in Notting Hill. And even in as nice a suburb as Notting Hill, the dirty work of domestic cleaning still has to be done.

However, you don’t have to do all your house cleaning by yourself. Why should you, when it’s so easy to call in the Anyclean Notting Hill domestic cleaning team. Our professional house maids will whip round to your place in W11 in a jiffy and get everything looking and smelling fantastic – just the way that you want it to be. Our home cleaning pros will even tackle the jobs you hate the most, like scrubbing the toilet, cleaning inside the microwave and cleaning the glass shower door. As well as those unpopular domestic cleaning chores, the Anyclean army of maids also handles more mundane tasks like vacuuming, dusting, mopping, cleaning baths and so forth. And we don’t charge extra for ironing – this is part of our cleaning service.

Our Notting Hill Domestic Cleaning at a glance

Anyclean has proven to be one of the best domestic cleaning companies in Notting Hill. We have been providing quality maids since 1998 and we expand our business every year.

We have tailored our home cleans to meet everyone’s requirements by offering two types of domestic cleaning service in Notting Hill W11: weekly and bi-weekly (fortnightly). You don’t have to spend money on house cleaning every week. If you feel like you need a maid only a couple of times per month, we’ve got you covered with our bi-weekly schedule.

Weekly Domestic CleaningCall 020 7099 6964 for a quote
Bi-Weekly Domestic CleaningCall 020 7099 6964 for a quote

We run promotions on a regular basis. Please call us today to get the best domestic cleaning price for your home.

Our Notting Hill Maids

All of our home cleaning operatives have been fully trained in all aspects of getting things clean and do their work to a high standard. We require our employees to have plenty of experience and to have a reasonable level of fluency in English. There’s no chopping and changing with our team members – you’ll get the same person every fortnight (or every week). We can also send out our maids to your Notting Hill home at a time that suits you, even in the evening or in the weekend.

Fun facts about Notting Hill:

  • The film Notting Hill isn’t the only work of fiction that is set in this suburb. Other works with Notting Hill as the setting include GK Chesterton’s “The Napoleon of Notting Hill” and Michael Moorcock’s urban fantasy novels starring Jerry Cornelius.
  • Pottery Lane in Notting Hill was once one of the most notorious slum areas in London back in Charles Dickens’ day – back then, it was referred to as the “Potteries and Piggeries”. As you probably have guessed, Notting Hill has gone through very radical turnabout since then and is now one of the up-and-coming desirable suburbs of London.
  • The famous Notting Hill Carnival was once notorious for its race-related riots, as the Carnival was set up as a celebration of Caribbean culture – and some bigots didn’t like this in the mid-1970s. Today, however, thanks in part to support by HRH Prince Charles, the Notting Hill Carnival is a fun, friendly event that attracts hundreds of attendees and generates quite a bit of income for the local economy.

Anyclean offers an affordable solution to your house cleaning needs. We use carefully selected house cleaners, who provide high standard of service.

What would you expect from Anyclean?

  • No minimum term contract
  • Same cleaner each visit
  • All our home cleaners are trained to be safe keyholders
  • You choose the day for the cleaning service
  • You only pay when you use the service
  • Free initial meeting with your Notting Hill maid

Anyclean provides domestic cleaning London and the local areas listed below:

Did you know that in Notting Hill W11 we also offer Carpet Cleaning Notting Hill and Window Cleaning Notting Hill?

For a full list of what we do please checkout our central area page where all local cleaning services in W11 are listed:  Cleaning Services Notting Hill.

Anyclean would like to thank you for visiting our Notting Hill page. We hope that we can serve you in the near future. A quick reminder for the fact aficionados out there: a regular cleaner doing just 3 hours per week can save you 156 hours over the course of a year. This is time you can use to do whatever you like. Would it be a bad idea to get it?