Contract Office Cleaning Bishopsgate EC2

Why Choose Anyclean as Your Commercial Contract Cleaning Company

  • Low prices and cost-effective office cleaning service packages.
  • Perfectly trained, experienced, and uniformed cleaning teams.
  • Outstanding reputation for efficiency and reliability among corporate customers in Bishopsgate, Central London
  • Powerful professional equipment and commercial cleaning materials.
  • A comprehensive Insurance and Public Liability Policy.
  • A wide array of office cleaning procedures.
  • A tailor-made approach that takes into account the individual requirements of any customer.
  • Personal account manager for every client.
  • Ardent quality control of all cleaning procedures.
  • Strict compliance with the latest COSHH health and safety regulations. 
  • Helpful and knowledgeable customer support.

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Corporate And Commercial Cleaning In Bishopsgate By Anyclean 

One of London’s leading financial and business areas, Bishopsgate features some of the most imposing commercial skyscrapers in the city. World-renowned corporate giants, leading European banking institutions and high-tech brands work shoulder to shoulder in this thriving centre of power and success. 

To operate an office cleaning company in a highly competitive environment like the one in Central London is a testimony to premium quality alone. But to be the leader in your professional field for over a decade and set the standards of quality – that puts you in a league of your own.

Anyclean was established in 1998 and has served as a reliable and effective contract cleaning partner to numerous large-scale corporate customers in Bishopsgate and all of Central London. We can offer competitive price rates, a comprehensive set of services, and full coverage of all sanitary requirements of office, retail, and commercial premises. You get a cost-effective service package that lets you minimize your cleaning maintenance spending and cleaning operatives that do not disrupt your daily routine. 

To get in touch with us and book an office cleaning survey with one of our area managers, please give us a call on 020 7099 6964. We are available Monday to Friday, all throughout the year.



What do you get when you book Anyclean as your office cleaning contractor? 

Our main purpose, regardless of the frequency of visits or the size of premise we treat, is to make sure your working place is always in pristine sanitary condition, always comfortable and ordered for your employees. Anyclean’s long years of experience in the business have helped us design a service package that properly addresses the hygienic requirements of any corporate headquarters. 

We offer our customers a pick from the following services:

  • Daily office cleaning and sanitary maintenance
  • Floor cleaning (depending on the type of covering)
  • Janitorial supplies
  • Washroom hygiene
  • General office areas cleaning
  • Indoor window cleaning
  • Specialized PC, peripherals and office equipment cleaning. 


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Hassle-free office cleaning for happy customers, partners, and employees 

There are two reasons why you should ask yourself if your present cleaning contractor is doing a good job – can you get better quality for the money you pay; and can the service excel in any compartment? If you believe the answer to both these questions to be negative, you can stop reading right now. If you, however, are certain that you can get better performance on your office maintenance deal, Anyclean is the perfect company to get in touch with. 

As already stated, we can offer you competitive price rates and arguably the best relation of price and quality you will find in Central London. This claim is based on careful analysis of the service market and an argumentative knowledge of the premium quality of performance we have been able to uphold throughout the past decade. 

But there is one more characteristic of our service process that office managers and corporate executives find strongly appealing – we let them have the reigns, allow the customers full control over the service they get. This means they can determine what procedures they want us to perform, what would be the schedule of our visits and their frequency. All we have to do is adjust to their needs and be flexible – rest assured, there is no one better at that than Anyclean!

You can find us in the nearby areas as well:

Our pricing policy

At Anyclean, we firmly believe that quality of service should be the only reason to continue trusting us as your cleaning contractor. For that reason we do not add any contract fees or monthly charges to your bill – you will always pay only for what you receive. 

To be able to give you a concrete price quote, we would need to visit your office and work out the best options for your business. The most important price determining factors include the selection of services, the total square footage of the treated premises, and the frequency of visits per month. To book an appointment with an Anyclean sales manager, please contact us on 020 7099 6964 or send us a price inquiry through the Contact form!

Our teams are Anyclean’s best guarantee for success

We spare no time or energy in our careful employee selection. Our cleaning technicians are the ambassadors of the professional principles and work ethics we have upheld for the past eighteen years, and we want to make sure they are ready to comply with the most exacting standards of excellence in our business. 

Every member of our cleaning staff undergoes an extensive training program that includes theory courses, on-site practice tests and drills with our modern office cleaning equipment. We also perform frequent health and safety regulations briefings to make sure our employees are up to date with the latest COSHH requirements. 

Anyclean is very proud of its minimal employee turnover – some of our specialists have been with us for over a decade, improving their skills, acquiring great knowledge and expertise in a profession that is constantly changing. But even more importantly – these are decent, honest, hardworking people who always get the job done and take pride in it!


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Quality control – the fundament of successful office cleaning 

We base our quality control on two main cornerstones – rigid on-site oversight and communication with our customers. The first is in the hands of our quality supervisors – former cleaners with exceptional knowledge and skill set who know their job to perfection. We assign a supervisor to every cleaning team, and they are present at all visit, carefully checking the results of the chores. 

And while we have perfect faith in the quality of our service, the feedback, suggestions, and requirements of our customers are what helps us improve on a daily basis. We are more than willing to listen to what you have to say, and we urge all customers to express their opinion on the service they receive!


Professional certification and accreditation

Anyclean holds the ISO:9001 and the OHSAS:18001 certificates for outstanding sustained management skills and safety at the working place. Our company is also a fully certified Safe Contractor. 

We are a leading member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA). All our cleaning specialists undergo courses at the British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA). 

Additional commercial and retail cleaning services by Anyclean

  • Steam-jet pressure washing – the quickest and most efficient method to remove grime, paint, and dirt from any hard surface. Applicable for front-ways, driveways, sidewalks, parking areas, railings, and fences. 
  • Hard floor cleaning and maintenance – we can restore your imperious-looking granite or marble floors to their original glory and beauty. Stretch marks removal, careful cleaning, and anti-slippery surface treatment for your complete peace of mind.
  • High-rise window cleaning – a particularly apt service for an area like Bishopsgate, where skyscrapers dominate the landscape. We offer perfectly safe and risk-free window cleaning, regardless of height requirements or construction specifications. 
  • Commercial carpet cleaning - no need to replace expensive carpet. Anyclean's hot water extraction method (a.k.a. steam cleaning) will get rid of dirt, grime, dust-mites and other bacteria. Highly recommended to be carried out every 6 months.


Contact us every working day on 020 7099 6964, from 09.00 to 18.00 and on weekends from 10.00 to 16.00 if you have any additional questions or want to book an appointment with one of our representatives.

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