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  • Why Does My Office Need Cleaning?

    You’d think that if people did nothing but work around your Central London office, it would look clean. At first, you might wonder how on earth someone who spends all day on the computer and the phone crunching numbers, writing reports and communicating with clients could make a mess. After all, in theory, if it’s all electronic, then where does the chaos come from? Surely the only paper generated is the good copy of the report printed out, so there’s a hard copy version just in case.

    OK, if your business based in Central London does something other than office work, you aren’t so puzzled as to where the mess comes from. Your manufacturing work or screen printing service or hairdressing salon or café by its very nature gets a bit messy, and you know all too well that your workplace needs regular office cleaning and plenty of it.

    How To Find an Office Cleaning Company in Central London

    You are in luck. If your office premises are based in the City of London (also known as the Square Mile) and the West End, we cover your area. Have a look at what postcodes are supplied with our regular contract cleaning service:


    Did You Know That...

    However, let’s have another look at that office and think about why it’s getting messy and why it needs cleaning. Everywhere that people go, they shed skin and hair particles, plus fibres from their clothes. Shoes bring in more dirt. This leads to dust, and we all know that dust goes everywhere. Not only does this mean that the carpet will need to be vacuumed and the flat surfaces dusted, it also means that some of that dust will work its way into the keyboard and the other computer equipment. That worker will also need to eat and drink, which means crumbs, apple cores, coffee cup rings, spills and wrappers… and an inevitable trip to the bathroom. Then you’ve got things like natural skin oils getting onto doorknobs, handrails and telephones; coughing, sneezing and breathing getting bacteria onto the door knobs, etc. Then there’s all those sticky note memos, the copies of the report that the printer decided to mangle when jamming and the used envelopes. It all adds up to a lot of mess, even before we discuss flies and other insects leaving spots on the windows, pollen blowing in through open doors and spiders spinning webs on odd corners.

    So there’s no way around it: you need to ensure that your Central London office is cleaned regularly, even if you don’t need a daily janitor. Luckily for you, Anyclean has a large team of hard-working office cleaners who can come in on a basis that suits you and clean everything that needs to be cleaned in your workplace. We even offer specialist electronic and computer equipment cleans as part of our contract cleaning services.

    So what are you waiting for? Why put up with mess and grime around your workplace when it’s so easy to call Anyclean? Get in touch with us and make a booking today!

    Professional Cleaning Services London

    Do yo need a reliable ISO9001 certified and accredited commercial cleaning contractor?

    Anyclean can help you take care of the cleaning maintenance at your premises.

    Anyclean’s Central London Commercial Contract Cleaning Services

    Anyclean has been in the business of cleaning workplaces of all types all across the centre of London for over 20 years. Because we have such a good team of cleaners, we can offer you a very wide range of commercial and janitorial cleaning services, including:

    • general janitor/office cleaning services
    • spring cleaning and deep cleaning
    • bathroom hygiene services
    • carpet, mat and rug cleaning (including stain removals)
    • window cleaning
    • waste removal services (including kerbside collection of rubbish and recycling)
    • electronic and computer equipment cleans
    • hard floor cleaning and polishing
    • builders’ cleans
    • litter collection

    No matter what type of service you need for your Central London office, you can relax and not worry about things. For a start, we’re very, very good at what we do and all of our staff are very highly trained to industry standards. This is why we have Anyclean’s 100% satisfaction guarantee in place. On top of that, we have full insurance cover on all the work that we do. All of our staff have passed a police check and all of them are trusted keyholders. This means that all of our janitors and other office cleaners are reliable and experts at what they do.

    As mentioned in the introduction, different businesses in the Central London area have different cleaning needs. You might be a small business that just needs a bit of attention once a week or even once a fortnight (although we really don’t recommend this in the case of staff bathrooms). Or you might be a larger organisation or a café that needs very thorough daily cleaning. No matter what your needs are, we can set up a schedule that suits you. On top of this, we also provide one-off cleaning services for when you need something over and above your existing regular janitor services or if you only need specialist services (e.g. computer equipment cleaning or carpet cleaning) every now and again.

    We send our cleaning team members to all areas located in the heart of London, including The City (a.k.a.The Square Mile), West End, Camden, Islington, Southwark, Lambeth, Westminster and all the surrounding postcodes.

    Please get in touch with us if you have any questions at all about our Central London office cleaning operation or if you would like to schedule a survey.

    We Do Computer and Peripherals Cleans

    Computers and their peripherals need to keep clean and dust-free if you want them to keep working properly. We’ve probably all had some experience of a mouse that won’t track properly thanks to gunge underneath it or dust in the tracking ball or a keyboard that won’t work properly thanks to a coffee accident leading to sticky keys. Things also get problematic if dust, grease or smears get on computer monitors, projectors, screens or the beds of photocopiers and fax machines. Dust gets into the working parts of CPUs and can stop it working properly. Then there are the problems that you can’t see, like the bacteria that accumulate on high-touch surfaces such as keyboards, mice, phones and touchscreens. This is why computer equipment – a must for any workplace operating in the Central London of today – needs to be cleaned regularly.

    Anyclean’s specialist electronic equipment cleaners know exactly how to remove grease, grime, dust and bacteria from computers, printers and other electronic equipment (e.g. tills and EFTPOS machines). We use specialist equipment and techniques that do the job a lot better than what you might try to do by running a sticky note through the keyboard – we do the job right, removing all the dirt and dust with minimal risk to your office computer equipment.

    You can get our specialist electronic equipment cleaners in on a regular basis that suits you (weekly, fortnightly, monthly, every two months, etc.) or just as a one-off when it suits you, just like all our other Central London office cleaning services.

    Please contact us today if you want to make a booking or if you have any further questions.


    Washroom Hygiene and Janitorial Supplies 

    One of the essential tasks we do is to clean and sanitise office and workplace bathroom and toilet areas. You probably don’t really need us to explain why! Even if you don’t really think you need a regular office cleaner for the rest of your workplace (although you might want to think hard about that one), you probably could do with a professional janitor coming in to take care of the bathroom and washroom areas. As we’re all about customer service, you can get an office cleaner in to do just that!

    Anyclean’s bathroom cleaners can take care of all the following:

    • sanitising toilets and urinals
    • wiping down basins and sinks
    • cleaning mirrors
    • topping up consumables such as paper towels and liquid soap
    • sweeping and mopping floors
    • emptying rubbish bins
    • general tidying and disinfecting on walls, windows, fans, etc.

    Please get in touch with us to book in our washroom services or any of our other commercial cleaning services in Central London. Call 020 7099 6964.