Affordable Window Cleaning Hampstead NW3

Excellent Residential And Commercial Window Care In NW3

Our Services At A Glance

Domestic Window Cleaning

Quit polishing your windows and delegate the tasks to one of our Hampstead specialists - we guarantee excellent results and moderate fees seven days per week!

Commercial Window Polish

Daily, weekly or bi-weekly polishing of your window displays, glass fronts, and commercial facades - you will hardly find a better offer for your Hampstead business!

Office Window Cleaning

If you feel like you are spending too much on office window maintenance, Anyclean is the perfect alternative! Call us now on 020 7099 6964 for instant free quotes!

Regular Glass Cleaning

Whatever the window polishing job or the required frequency of visits, you can count on Anyclean to deliver the best results! Daily, weekly, and monthly quotes are available!

One-off Window Washing

Anyclean makes immediate window restoration and impeccable polishing possible! Book us to wash your windows and we will show you what quality looks like!

Emergency Window Cleaning

Do you need to have your windows polished within the next 48 hours? We will set up an appointment for you, no additional charges for the short notice!

Local Reach & Wash Experts

The domestic and commercial exterior design are not what they used to be two decades ago - glass and aluminium, UPVC and innovative materials take more place in every corner of your premises. Hence the increased demands and challenges to any present-day contractor - the traditional dusting and polishing of the standard types of windows can no longer meet the requirements of our customers. But Anyclean has excelled in its delivery, improving its operative range to include the treatment of:

  • Conservatories
  • Skylights and light tubes
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • French windows, glass doors, and ranch sliders
  • Cladding
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • Glass domes and atriums
  • Window displays and glass fronts (for shops, restaurants, pubs, cafes, first-floor offices, etc.)
  • We also provide full hygienic facade maintenance for commercial, corporate, administrative, and educational businesses.
Top-quality window washing for your Hampstead NW3 home


Do clean windows make a difference?

If you plan to rent or sell your property, clean windows may boost the price significantly. If you are the owner of a local business, you cannot allow your store fronts or window displays to be dusty or covered in streaks - this can make the difference between success and failure.

How long does it take to professionally clean windows?

It entirely depends on the size and number of rooms in your premises. You should also keep in mind that Anyclean's portfolio includes a significant number of additional glass elements and landscaping features. It may take us anything between half an hour for a two-bedroom flat to 2+ hours for a large country house with garden canopies, glazed verandas, etc.

Do window cleaners use ladders?

Not any more. We work with the Reach & Wash window cleaning system which allows us to clean glass surfaces up to 72 feet from ground level.

Why are my windows so smeared after cleaning?

  • Option one - you are not using the proper tools or applying the right technique for the job. Instead of removing the dirt, you are just redistributing it across the glass.
  • Option two - you are probably using some sort of chemical-based glass polisher. Such detergents evaporate very quickly in sunny, warm weather and leave a thin screen of residue that is very hard to remove.

Why Is Anyclean The Number One Window Polishing Contractor In NW3?

  • A team of first-class, fully certified, experienced, and hard working specialists
  • A comprehensive service portfolio that covers all hygienic requirements of modern window cleaning
  • A bullet-proof quality satisfaction guarantee - if you are not happy with any aspect of the service, we will come back and re-do the necessary procedures FREE OF CHARGE
  • Affordable cost of service, special deals, exclusive discounts - the more you book us, the less you pay
  • Totally transparent pricing policy, featuring free, non-binding quotes available 24/7 via email and phone
  • A strong commitment to eco-friendly and health-safe treatment - we do not use any detergents
  • Our technicians operate with the most recognisable UK brands of window cleaning equipment (Ionic, Unger)
  • We provide top-notch regular and one-off services to both domestic and business customers
  • Anyclean has a detailed public Insurance and Liability Policy for your complete peace of mind
  • We employ the Ionic Reach & Wash gear for upper floors (up to 70 feet) to avoid the risk of damage or injury.
Hampstead high-rise window cleaning by Anyclean

Anyclean's Recent Glass Treatment Jobs In Hampstead

  • Bi-weekly residential window cleaning at Carlingford Road, NW3.
  • One-off solar panels and cladding polishing at Hampstead Hill Gardens, NW3.
  • Regular upper-floor office window cleaning at Roslynn Hill, NW3.
  • Regular commercial window washing at Pond Street, NW3.

The Ultimate NW3 Window Washing - Welcome To Anyclean

Hassle-free window polishing near HR4J 6R London, United Kingdom

When window cleaning becomes a bothersome issue, Anyclean is the partner you should call! Do not waste your time with dusting and polishing - our perfectly trained and experienced technicians can achieve more thorough results in much less time. And the best thing about it - you do not need to spend a fortune to get the quality you demand. Anyclean works with some of the most competitive and reasonable rates on today's market - and if you become a regular customer, you will be eligible for exclusive discounts and special deals. It doesn't matter if you are a homeowner or a business manager - we can take on any window cleaning job on a regular or one-off basis.

It all started more than twenty years ago when we were making our first steps in the world of professional window cleaning. The lessons we have learnt, the numerous jobs we have taken, the experience and hard work have turned us into one of the most effective, well-oiled machines in the industry. Think of the most common hygienic problems that glass surfaces have to face every day - calcification, dust smothering, water spots, permanent stains, fingerprints, pollen, and bird droppings. We can deal with them before you realise we have started the treatment - and we will do it with no hassle, no sprays or chemical-based detergents, no flashy equipment, and most important of all - with absolutely no risk for your property.

Our technicians cover not only Hampstead Village and the residential areas nearby but all of North West London. They are at your disposal all throughout the year, including weekends, Bank and National Holidays. Call us today on 020 7099 6964 and book an appointment right away - we are one of the few contractors in NW3 that offers even emergency window cleaning help. If you need to check the pricing range for your sanitary project first, be sure to use our Contact Form and request a free, non-binding quote - we usually respond within 24 hours.

Residential Window Care

Domestic squeegee polishing for NW3 customers

Our mission is to make your life more comfortable and take a tiresome chore off your back. It can happen in one of two ways. If you need urgent help because of special circumstances, you should book our one-off cleaning option - it is perfect for after-builders or end of tenancy cleaning cases, as a part of your annual spring cleaning or when you need your home to look splendid for a big occasion.

If you want to get rid of the window cleaning chore for good, however, you will need to book a regular service plan with us. Rest assured, we deliver the ultimate hassle-free experience - you do not have to bother with anything, just enjoy your free time and the results afterwards and leave the hard work to us!

OK, we have to take this back - the work is not that hard. But we do know how to take care of any glass surface, and we take advantage of more than twenty years of experience. Our technicians always work with pure water only - they will spray the targeted area for treatment, polish it with a squeegee, and then wipe it clean with a soft cloth. If we cannot reach the designated window by hand, we still have the Ionic water-fed optic poles at our disposal. With their help, we can clean any spot of your home under 70 feet without bothering with ladders or scaffolds.
We will also take expert care of any:

  • Clerestory windows
  • Bay windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Skylights, light tubes, and cupolas
  • Double-hung sash windows.

*Regardless of the service plan you book, we always dust and polish all window frames, handles, and sills.

Window Cleaning for Local Businesses

As a business manager with numerous daily tasks on your mind, the last thing you want to bother with is sanitary considerations. Therefore, you need a trustworthy and effective partner that will not waste your time, deliver the required results, and keep your expenses within reasonable limits. Anyclean checks off all these boxes, and more! We have a versatile portfolio to satisfy even the most demanding managers, and our extended working timetable makes sure our work remains invisible, while your customers relish the effect of it!

What can we do for you in Hampstead Village?

  • Ground-floor window cleaning - the bread and butter of our business portfolio in NW3. We have served numerous local restaurants, cafes, pubs, bookshops, and shops, making sure their window displays and fronts remain in pristine condition. Our first task is to visit your premises and advise you on the best course of sanitary action. For high-traffic areas with great customer exposure, we strongly recommend our daily service plans. Otherwise, we suggest cleaning your glass surfaces at least two times per week.
  • Upper-floor window cleaning (up to 70 feet) - since the distance to the car and pedestrian traffic is greater, the levels of dust and dirt accumulation are lower, and the need for cleaning - less frequent. We usually operate with Reach & Wash gear (though hydraulic platforms may be used as an alternative), and our experience shows that one visit per month is perfectly adequate for higher floors, with a fortnightly visit more advisable for second or third-floor windows.
  • For high-rise window cleaning consultations and quotes, please contact our customer support centre on 020 7099 6964.