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The Most Reliable Window Treatment In West Hampstead NW6

Our Services At A Glance

Domestic Window Cleaning

Our BWCA-certified technicians can polish your home windows to perfection in the matter of minutes. Reach & Wash procedures with 0% risk of damage in West Hampstead!

Commercial Window Polish

The trustworthy window washing partner for your NW6 business - Anyclean will polish your fronts and window displays to perfection throughout the whole year!

Office Window Cleaning

If you need a reliable window cleaning partner for your West Hampstead office and corporate premises, Anyclean is the one you should book - available seven days per week!

Regular Glass Cleaning

Daily or weekly visits for commercial and office premises, fortnightly and monthly visits for homes. You can hardly find a more affordable long-term option on the market.

One-off Window Washing

Thorough restoration of all glass surfaces to their original hygienic condition. The perfect solution for post-construction, spring, and end of tenancy cleaning.

Emergency Window Cleaning

Anyclean provides emergency window cleaning help for customers who need the procedure done within 24 to 48 hours of their initial call at the best price rates in NW6.

Local Reach & Wash Experts

When it comes to polishing your windows to perfect and restoring them to their original dust-free and stainless condition, Anyclean's efficiency is second to none in West Hampstead. But we can do a bit more than that. Glass has become increasingly popular in the exterior design of both domestic and commercial premises, and the hygienic challenges have grown accordingly. Nothing to worry about, we've got your back! Our technicians are proficient in the treatment of:

  • Conservatories
  • Glass doors, ranch sliders, and French windows
  • Skylights and light tubes
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • Cladding
  • Photovoltaic (solar) panels
  • Perspex and UPVC canopies
  • Glass atriums and domes
  • Commercial and business signage and billboards
  • Window displays and glass fronts (for cafes, pubs, restaurants, shops, street-level offices, etc.).
  • We also provide comprehensive sanitary facade maintenance for commercial, corporate, and administrative buildings.
Risk-free window washing from the ground by Anyclean


What is the best way to clean outside windows?

The Reach & Wash treatment method - by far.

How long does it take to professionally clean windows?

It entirely depends on the size and number of rooms in your premises. You should also keep in mind that Anyclean's portfolio includes a significant number of additional glass elements and landscaping features. It may take us anything between half an hour for a two-bedroom flat to 2+ hours for a large country house with garden canopies, glazed verandas, etc.

Why are my windows so smeared after cleaning?

  • Option one - you are not using the proper tools or applying the right technique for the job. Instead of removing the dirt, you are just redistributing it across the glass.
  • Option two - you are probably using some sort of chemical-based glass polisher. Such detergents evaporate very quickly in sunny, warm weather and leave a thin screen of residue that is very hard to remove.

What is included in professional window washing?

Apart from the panes, we also clean the sills, frames, and handles.

What Makes Us The Most Suitable Choice For Your NW6 Home And Business Windows?

  • Anyclean has the best offers and exclusive deals in store for you; regular customers take advantage of substantial discounts
  • A client-friendly pricing policy - no unpleasant surprises when the bill arrives, free quotes, and safe payments
  • A 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, backed up by uncompromising quality control
  • A wide-ranged service portfolio for commercial and residential property
  • A team of highly motivated, experienced, and competent technicians
  • Non-stop availability - we are at your disposal 365 days of the year, including all weekends and holidays
  • We work with the best UK brands of specialised window cleaning equipment (Unger, Ionic)
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and liability policy for your complete peace of mind
  • We provide regular maintenance plans and one-off cleaning visits - whatever suits your needs best
  • Our specialists employ the Reach & Wash treatment method to avoid all risks of damage to your property
  • We rarely apply detergents and sprays, preferring to work with running water and squeegees instead!
Reach & Wash treatment for West Hampstead commercial premises

Recent Cleaning Jobs We Had In West Hampstead 

  • Solar panels polishing at Pandora Rd, London NW6 1TT.
  • House windows and sliding doors washing at Lowfield Rd, London NW6 2PP.
  • Emergency window treatment for home windows at Broadhurst Gardens, London NW6 3BE.
  • Weekly restaurant glass facade polishing at W End Ln, London NW6 1SD.

Highly Effective Glass Care In West Hampstead

Excellent window treatment near GRW5+MJ London, United Kingdom

Window cleaning is not supposed to take a large portion of your free time every week, even if you want to keep the glass surfaces at home in pristine condition. The sanitary treatment of window displays and fronts should not account for the majority of your business' maintenance budget, or you are not getting a good deal at all! How do you solve these problems? A growing number of West Hampstead home and business owners have found out the answer to be Anyclean. You can join our family of satisfied customers with a simple and quick phone call on 020 7099 6964 - we will take it from there!

Who are we? Anyclean was established in 1998 by cleaning guru and entrepreneur Nick Vassilev and has since become one of the most recognisable and respected window cleaning brands in North West London. Our team of BWCA-certified, hard working, and friendly technicians delivers impeccable and reliable solutions for a wide range of glass-related hygienic problems - from the inevitable fingerprints, stains, and dust smothering to the more peculiar calcification, pollen or bird droppings. And we do it seven days per week, all throughout the year, including Bank and National Holidays. It does not matter whether you need a one-off cleaning help or regular maintenance - we will accommodate your needs and requirements entirely to your preference!

Our goal has always been to provide you with hassle-free and 0% risk service, and we put all the necessary effort to deliver it. Our specialists employ the Reach & Wash method (water-fed optic poles), which allows them to clean all upper-floor and attic windows and roof panels up to 70 feet from the safety of the ground. We perform both the Reach & Wash procedures and the squeegee dust and polish with running water, offering you a health-safe and eco-friendly alternative to the sprays and detergents you can buy from the local store.

Do you need more information about our portfolio? Or perhaps you want to ask about the pricing range? Either way, get in touch with our customer support centre on 020 7099 6964, and schedule an appointment with Anyclean right away! Free pricing quotes are available via the Contact Form 24/7!

Residential Window Care

House window cleaning by water-fed poles

How cool would it be to have your windows perfectly clean without lifting a finger? No, this is not a daydream - it is the Anyclean offer to all West Hampstead homeowners! Weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits, special scheduling options and reliable service plans - we have it all in store for you! Armed with a squeegee in one hand a spray bottle in the other (filled with pure water, no detergents needed), our technicians will fight off the stains, remove the grime, and make sure your rooms get more sunlight than ever! If you live in a flat in multi-floor buildings, we can still clean your exterior windows with our water-fed optic poles (up to the 6th floor), delivering outstanding results.

What about urgent or force majeure circumstances? Anyclean will come to the rescue - whether you need help after a construction project or during the end of tenancy or spring cleaning, while you plan a big family dinner or a birthday party, our crews are perfectly equipped to deliver a deep-clean and thorough treatment not only for the windows but all glass surfaces in your home. We are one of the few contractors in NW6 that can accommodate emergency window cleaning procedures (within 24 hours of the first call).

Our technicians specialise in the treatment of:

  • Bay windows
  • Clerestory windows
  • Jalousie windows
  • Cupolas, light tubes, and skylights
  • Double-hung sash windows
  • Sliding doors and French windows.

*The additional dusting and polishing of all window frames, handles, and sills are included in your package.

Window Cleaning for Local Businesses

You should never make a compromise with the outlook and appearance of your business premises, especially when it comes to window displays - the first thing your customers notice. How do you keep pace with the increasing prices of professional sanitary maintenance, though? Anyclean might have the key to the solution! Instead of offering you cumbersome prepaid packages or sets of procedures that might be thoroughly unsuitable for your premises, we take the lead from your preferences and requirements, and design tailor-made packages that will fit your business like a glove!

We start from the basic features of any service plan - frequency of visits, range of procedures, the budget cap you want to work with - and move on to the specific scheduling and execution plans. Rest assured, our crews excel in time management and efficiency, and will cover all required tasks within the designated time frame. 

We provide the following window cleaning options in West Hampstead:

  • Ground-floor window cleaning - perfect for street-level restaurants, pubs, cafes, and local shops, offices and other commercial premises. We strongly recommend our daily packages, especially if your premises are in busy locations with a constant flow of customers. 
  • Upper-floor window cleaning - this usually includes the facade of larger commercial premises (retail and shopping centres) or the exterior windows of office and administrative buildings. We operate with carbon-fibre water-fed poles or hydraulic platforms, depending on the specifications of the building.
  • High-rise window cleaning - we have the best crews and equipment for the job in North West London! Top prices guaranteed!