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Our Ionics Reach & Wash Cleaning System

  • Cleans up to 72 Feet (6+ floors) by eliminating ladders and cherry pickers and reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
  • Cleans frames and glass with greater efficiency
  • Does not use chemicals, just water and washes your windows to a spot-free finish
  • Maintains privacy and reduces disturbances
  • Saves money as glass stays clean for longer
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If the home chores are piling one on top of the other with no end in sight, how about delegating one of the major tasks to a professional cleaner? We know what you are thinking - this is too much of an expensive extravagance, I can polish the windows by myself! While we have no doubts you could, the fact is that our offer is anything but expensive. We can offer you affordable one-off and regular window cleaning procedures, and the best sustainable quality for the money you pay! And we do not limit our service range to home property only - if you run a business in Kingsbury NW9 or any of the areas nearby, we can take over the glass surfaces maintenance and help you limit your sanitary expenses.

Throughout the last twenty years, the Anyclean brand of window cleaning has become synonymous with top quality, reliability, and the ultimate hassle-free experience all around North West London. We are proud to work with some of the leading BWCA-certified specialists in our industry. Many of our customers are surprised at how easygoing and friendly our technicians can be while retaining their professional and result-oriented attitude. Of one thing you can be certain - we love our job and feel proud of our reputation, and we intend to keep it this way with hard work and impeccable results in the future.

If you associate window cleaning with prolonged scrubbing and polishing, ladders, and scaffolds, our procedures might take you by surprise at first. We are quick and sharp in our operative approach, working with pure water and squeegees instead of the regular window sprays and detergents. The Ionic Reach & Wash gear gives us access to any spot of your residential and commercial property within 70 feet - our technicians do not need ladders and work safely from the ground.
How do I book an appointment with Anyclean then? Give us a call on 020 7099 6964 or send us a pricing quote request via the Contact Form - we will do all the rest. Our Kingsbury window cleaning technicians are at your disposal all throughout the week, including National and Bank Holidays. 

What Makes Us The Top Window Cleaning Choice In NW9?

  • A crew of fully certified, perfectly trained, and experienced specialists
  • The most friendly and effective support team in our industry
  • A versatile and detailed service portfolio for both commercial and residential customers
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, backed up by uncompromising quality control
  • Affordable costs, exclusive special deals and top-notch offers, discounts for regular clients
  • We can deliver one-off cleaning and regular maintenance - whatever suits your needs better
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy - no hidden fees or charges, safe payments, and free quotes available 24/7
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy - we've got your property covered
  • An eco-friendly and health-safe alternative to the detergents and sprays - we only operate with pure water
  • Our technicians are equipped with the best window cleaning gear, available in the UK (Ionic, Unger)
  • We are at your disposal all throughout the year - all weekends and holidays included.

Anyclean's Portfolio - A Quick Overview

Point us to a glass surface of any kind, give us fifteen minutes to half an hour, and we will polish it to perfection, regardless of its preliminary condition.  Dust and grime smothering, calcification, fingerprints and pet paws, water spots and persistent stains, pollen, bird droppings - we have dealt with them all on numerous occasions, and our technicians know the perfect algorithm to treat:

  • Conservatories
  • Skylights and light tubes
  • French windows, glass doors and ranch sliders
  • Cladding
  • UPVC and Perspex canopies
  • Glass and mirror landscaping elements and features
  • Solar (photovoltaic) panels
  • Glass atriums and domes
  • Window displays and glass fronts (restaurants, pubs, cafes, shops, street-level offices, etc.)
  • Commercial and business signage and billboards
  • Thorough sanitary facade maintenance for corporate, administrative, and commercial buildings.

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Residential Window Cleaning 

How often do you clean the home windows? Once per month, or a fortnight, or even a week? Think of all the great stuff you are missing on while you scrub and polish incessantly. Anyclean offers you an affordable and hassle-free alternative - book one of our regular service plans, and we promise you won't spend another second in treating the windows. You determine the timing of the visits, their frequency and duration - rest assured, we will adjust to your requirements.
Let's assume you do not have a problem with the regular cleaning but need extra help for specific circumstances - after-builders clean-up, when you move into a new home, when you plan the spring cleaning or a big family dinner. With Anyclean, you can schedule the necessary appointment more quickly than any other contractor in Kingsbury. If it is a case of emergency, we will send in our crews within 24 hours of your first call!
Our results are bullet-proofed by twenty years of hard work and the accumulated knowledge and skill throughout. We prefer to work with pure water, squeegees, and soft cloths - the routine may lack lustre and panache, but the results speak for themselves. As for upper floors, attics, and roof solar panels, we can always rely on our Ionic water-fed poles (Reach & Wash method) to do the job!
Our experts will also help you with the cleaning of:

  • French windows and sliding doors
  • Bay window
  • Jalousie windows
  • Clerestory windows
  • Cupolas, light tubes, and skylights
  • Double-hung sash windows.

*The thorough dusting and polishing of the window frames, handles, and sills are included in the price of your package.

Business Window Cleaning In

How much do you pay for the sanitary maintenance of all glass surfaces throughout your premises? We bet you Anyclean can deliver better results for a lower price! Our confidence stems from the way we approach commercial window cleaning. Instead of offering ridiculous prepaid packages that may have nothing to do with the hygienic requirements of your working place, we visit your premises, assess the necessary tasks, and come up with a tailor-made service plan. We work hand in hand with business owners and office executives to deliver the ultimate quality and efficiency while limiting your expenses to a reasonable minimum. 
The scheduling flexibility is another major advantage that we bring to the table. All Anyclean technicians in the area work extended hours, seven days per week, all throughout the year. The prolonged timetable allows us to finish our tasks before you open or after closing hours. 
Here is a quick rundown of our options for local Kingsbury businesses:

  • Street-level window cleaning - if you want your glass fronts and window displays to remain in pristine condition 24/7, book our daily service packages and relish the results! The first thing your customers will see is the shining front line of your business - guaranteed!
  • Mid-level window cleaning - totally safe and proved on numerous occasions, our Reach & Wash cleaning visits are the best way to make sure the exterior windows of your office or commercial building always receive the proper levels of sanitary care. 
  • High-rise window cleaning - the best prices meet a premium quality of delivery for the most reliable offer in NW9. Anyclean excels in risk assessment and safety management, and our crews have extensive experience in operating window cleaning stages, cradles, and abseiling rope systems.

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Bullet-proof Certification And Accreditation

  • Anyclean is an ISO:9001 company and holds the OHSAS:18001 certificate for providing health-safe conditions at the working place.
  • We strictly follow all COSHH regulations and have earned a Safe Contractor status.
  • Anyclean is an associate member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen and the British Institute for Cleaning Science.
  • All our cleaners have to go through BWCA-approved training courses - Anyclean holds the British Window Cleaning Academy Stamp of Approval.


"I like the no-nonsense attitude of your cleaners and the fact that they are always punctual - it shows a level of respect not only for my time but their own!"

"I have never been good at window cleaning, and I do not have any plans to improve in the near future. So Anyclean's help is priceless for me - you are worth every cent I pay you!"


We are fully insured up to £5,000,000 and Window Cleaning work carried out follows the latest Health and Safety legislations.

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