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updated: 05/10/2023

Christmas after-party cleaningChristmas parties are something everyone loves as they are joyful, gathering friends and families together. The food which is prepared on Christmas is special, because it is cooked for the closest friends and relatives with who you share memories. Apart from the food, there are a lot more things going on when you do your preparation for the Christmas Eve – do a good cleaning up to make the place clean and tidy where your guests will enjoy spending the most festive day of the year; play a nice music to make the atmosphere relaxing and at the same time feel the spirit of Christmas; decorate the rooms with garland and baubles and decorate the Christmas tree without which Christmas will not be the same; arranging the table with beautiful napkins, candles and other table accessories which will add festive mood.

All those preparations make us expect the brightest Christmas holiday and feel its glitter, but the things change significantly after the Christmas Eve has gone.  To start with the cleaning you need to de-clutter as much as you can. To make the cleaning up easier, you can ask your kids to help with tidying up their gifts they received for Christmas and the toys they played with during the party.  Ask them to start with the wrapping paper from the opened Christmas gifts, place the paper for recycling. Clear the table after the meal by placing all uneaten food from your guest’s dishes into the food container. Place the dishes, the glasses and the cutleries into the dishwasher for washing. Pick all the napkins from the table and put them into the rubbish bin, if they are fabric ones and are washable, you can wash them together with your table cloth if their colours are nearly the same. Put in the bin any burnt candles, used confetti and other decorations which cannot be reused.Enjoy a stress-free Christmas with less cleaning

After you are done with the table, it is time to start wiping down to remove any dust and food particles from the surfaces. Use a mild soap diluted in warm water and a soft cloth to be able to clean all the surfaces without damaging them. To wipe down the TV and other electronics, you may prefer to use a dry cloth instead.

The floor will need a good vacuuming after the party as there will be a lot of food pieces and bread crumbs which will need to be removed. There might be spillages from drinks and worse from candle wax. If there are any large objects, it will be better to pick them up first, before you start vacuuming as they may get stuck in the tubes of your vacuum cleaner. Whatever type of floor you have, you will need to vacuum it thoroughly. For the corners and the sides use the different attachments of the vacuum cleaner. After the vacuuming it is time to wash the floor. In a bucket prepare a mixture of warm water and a floor cleaner to give the floor a good mopping. Now, this is not a full-blown professional hard floor cleaning in London but still it is a very good alternative.

Hopefully you will find these after Christmas cleaning tips useful and will help you deal with the mess at your house quickly this year.

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