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updated: 05/10/2023

House Cleaning Before Christmas is Unavoidable

Christmas is a festive season with a lot of joy, festive cheer and time spent with friends and family, but along with the pleasant moments, cleaning is something you can’t avoid. For the avoidance of any doubt, I would like to say that whatever efforts you put into the task and no matter how hard you try, the truth is the final result will not be as good as that of a professional London domestic cleaning company like Anyclean.

Tidy Up and Dust

Before Christmas has come and your guests from other cities have arrived, you need to prepare your house. Presents, Christmas decorations, the clutter will start closer to the Christmas Eve. For this reason a good cleaning is required and tidying up. Start with the stuff that you don’t use every day and you will not need around Christmas. Place the items somewhere where they will not be on your way when you will need the space for something else. Wipe down thoroughly the dust from all areas even those which you don’t clean in your weekly cleaning.

Preparing and Cleaning the Guest Rooms

The guest rooms need to be emptied from your belongings and stuff and make them room to put their luggage there. You need to clean all furniture including wardrobes shelves and drawers, polish mirrors, clean windows and vacuum the floor. Make the beds with freshly washed linen and provide towels to make your guests feel the comfort at your house. Fresh flowers and air fresheners will always add some warmth and pleasure to your guests.

Kitchen Cleaning

You will have to wash your cutlery and dishes several times before your visitors arrive, but you can start preparing your kitchen for Christmas by cleaning the oven (our Oven Cleaning London is the best thing for your cooker and oven) and making it ready for the turkey to be roasted and other food to be cooked. Scrub the oven with a suitable oven cleaner to remove any grease and burns. Clean your kitchen cupboards inside and outside and take out any bowls or trays which you know you will use around Christmas. Polish your glasses and cutlery by hand to make them shiny for the festive dinners with your close family members and friends.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

A real Christmas tree will bring beauty and fragrance at your home, but you will need to regularly clean the dropped needles from the floor. For some people this is a part of the pleasure to have a real Christmas tree at home. Decorating it is one of the best moments and putting on the Christmas candles and lights. The atmosphere at home changes instantly and you can feel the spirit of Christmas. After you have finished with the decoration, you will need to vacuum the floor, as there will be a lot of particles and brocade which will fill the floor.

Cleaning up Stains – Spot and Stain Removal

You need to check the carpeted floor for any old stains and marks and try to clean them in order to make the carpet look perfectly for your guests. The same applies for the upholstery – you will not make a good impression if the sofa and the cushions are dirty. Clean as much of the stains and the dirt as you can or the other option is to hire a London carpet cleaning company to deal with that. All curtains and blinds also need to be cleaned to complete the cleaning before the Christmas has come.

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