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updated: 03/06/2024

Hassle-free cleaning for photovoltaic panelsInstalling solar panels on the roof of your house is a valuable investment and for this reason you need to make them working as efficiently as possible. Due to their exposure to dirt and soil accumulated by rain and wind, a film of grime may develop on the top of the panels which significantly reduces the amount of sunlight which the panels can absorb.

Why cleaning solar panels?

Although the most important fact which matters for the efficiency of the output is the quality of the panels and their correct installation, they need to be cleaned regularly as their efficiency deteriorates over time when they get dirty. Many people believe that the rainfall will effectively clean your solar panels so that they don’t require further cleaning, but this is not entirely true as the water from the rain cannot remove the build up dirt as effectively as a detergent can.

Another reason to clean your solar panels is to preserve their warranty as manufacturers require the panels to be clean in order to maintain the warranty they give at the time of the installation.

How to clean the solar panels?

Due to the height of the solar panels and the nature of the job, cleaning them yourself might not be a good idea Solar panels cleaningunless you have the necessary equipment and detergents. Hiring a cleaning company to clean your solar panels is something you could consider. The professional cleaning isn’t that expensive and you can always choose the cheapest offer, although the cheapest service not always means the most quality one. In every town there are local cleaning companies which have the necessary equipment and materials and you can obtain some references before you go ahead with them.

If you decide to do the cleaning yourself, you will need a ladder in order to reach the panels. You should check for any bird droppings and fallen leaves which can seriously impact the efficiency of your panels and the profit you will make at the end. Get a suitable cleaning solution from a shop which sells commercial cleaning products and scrub with a brush. When choosing a product, make sure it is safe for the panels and for your roof and exterior of the house. After all the dirt is removed, rinse with pure water.

How much energy can you lose of you don’t clean your panels?

Although there are many factors which effect the production of solar power, it is proved that solar panels can lose between 15-25% of their efficiency and increase their payback time by up to 5 years. On the other hand when they are cleaned regularly and function efficiently, you can make a good profit at the end and even pay them back earlier than expected.

Regardless in which part of the world you are based and the amount of rainfalls during the year, cleaning your solar panels regularly will increase their potential. A little cleaning can lead to the increase of the solar light absorption time and enhance the overall efficiency of your solar power system.

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