Domestic Deep Cleaning – How to Clean and Organise a Closet

updated: 18/01/2023

Clean a ClosetMaintaining your closet clean and tidy is not always possible and within time it will become messier and it will need an emergency inclusion in your domestic cleaning routine. To get dressed in the morning for work when the closet is not in order, will take you more time and maybe even stressful. There are some useful tips which can help you manage your closet in good condition.

To clean the closet

The first step you need to take is to remove everything from your closet. Check which items fit and which not and those that you don’t like any more could be taken to the local charity shop. Once you have removed all the handbags, accessories, shoes and garments, it is time to clean the closet up. Start by wiping down the shelves, skirting boards, drawers and wardrobe rails with a damp cloth. If you are preparing your own cleaning solution with natural ingredients, adding a few drops of essential oil will add some scent to your closet. Wash any walls, wardrobe sides or stands you may have in the closet and at the end clean the floor by thoroughly vacuuming it and mopping it. If there is a window, leave it open for some fresh air to come in.

To organise the closet

It is always a good habit not to mix dirty with clean garments as the closet may smell not very well and if for any of items you are in doubt whether they have been washed, leave them for washing before you put them back into the cleaned closet. Arrange the items by leaving the ones you use more frequently to be easily accessible. Group the items by type – trousers, skirts, dresses and tops. You may find it practical to sort them by colour too, but could do it according to your own preferences. Use the hangers and the rail for materials which wrinkle easily. Do not forget to sort the accessories as well as they look messy when they are not arranged properly.

Having a clean and organised closet is a pleasure, but it requires some efforts to achieve this. Doing a bit of domestic cleaning and organising each week will significantly reduce the efforts you will have to put when spring cleaning your closet.

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