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updated: 18/01/2023

Many parents find it more convenient to have the baby sleeping in their room after the birth for the next few months. You will need to do some preparation of the room before the baby is born.

Organising the room

First you need to decide where the baby’s bed will be positioned in the room. You may find it easy to have it close to your bed as you will need to get up few times during the night. If necessary you need to do some rearrangements of the furniture and empty space for the baby’s bed. You will also need the baby’s clothes somewhere close to the changing station. A chest of drawers will help you at the beginning as the baby’s clothes are small and you will be able to fit them in a small storage area. You will also need to have in hand baby wipes and be prepared for the worse. Have a basket prepared for the most necessary creams and nappies which will always be around you.

Cleaning the room

Baby’s health and safety is the most important thing, so you need to ensure the room where the baby will sleep is in an immaculate condition. For the big clean before the baby is born, you need to ensure you have washed the curtains of the room, the carpet and the mattress of the baby’s cot. From time to time you may want to take the baby in your bed and a disinfection of your mattress will also be necessary to avoid allergic reactions. It is essential you change the bed linen at least once a week including any mattress covers. When vacuuming the room, try to reach under the beds and behind the furniture, helping yourself with the various attachments of your vacuum cleaner. After having enough food for the baby, having a clean and healthy environment is the second thing of importance and if you can’t manage to maintain your house yourself, you can hire a regular domestic cleaner.

Apart from the cleaning, you will have to do a lot of washing and ironing for the baby. It might be useful to do a bit every day instead of wait until you have piles of laundry. To save time, do a bit of multitasking. For example while watching TV or talking on the phone, do a bit of your housework. You may decide to cook your own food to feed the baby, but you should be aware it will be more time consuming. You may combine this task with something else of your duties. Have your baby around while cooking rather than doing the cooking while the baby sleeps as you may use that time for yourself.

When having a baby, you need to carefully choose the cleaning products. Using non-toxic chemicals is what you have to use when doing the cleaning. Don’t use ammonia or bleach as they are too harsh for your baby.

Hopefully these tips will help you get organised and prepared for your baby.

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