How To Deep Clean Your House At Least Once A Year

updated: 18/01/2023

Speed clean your floors with easeAs the old year has gone and the new one has come, it is time to get the house cleaned from top to bottom. Preparing a plan and organising yourself to do different parts each week will ease the work and bring you good results. Prepare a plan and write it down on a piece of paper with the different areas around your home which will need attention. Thick next to each area once it has been cleaned. Depending on the size of your property, you will be ready by the spring and you will have free time to spend outdoors when the weather permits.

Clean the hallway

The hallway is the first place visitors see in your home and you should try to avoid clutter. If there is a chair or a rack where you can easily drop stuff which create clutter, just remove that piece of furniture from there. Remove all jackets and shoes which you will not need in the near future and leave only those which you will wear. Do a thorough vacuuming and dusting, this will help you make your house more welcoming and improve the first impression.

Clean the living room

After a difficult week at work, you will enjoy your free time in a clean and shiny room, relaxing on the cosy sofa and watching your favourite TV program. Clean the windows from the outside and let the sun goes straight in the room. Remove all unnecessary items, clean and polish all the furniture and vacuum thoroughly the floor. This will help you make your room the best place for relaxation.

Clean the kitchenRemove the dust from the shelves and furniture

Start from the kitchen cupboards. Store any cutlery which you will not need after the festive season has gone and make space for other items which you will use more frequently. Wipe down the cupboards from the inside and any shelves and drawers you may have in your kitchen. Clean the fridge and the oven internally to remove any grease and dirt which may have accumulated over the past month when you cooked more than usually. Clean the hobs, the sink and the worktops to give your kitchen a nice and clean look.

Clean the bedroom

Take down the curtains and wash them to remove any dust. You can wash them together with any tablecloths and blankets which also need washing. From your clothing, choose those garments which you will wear and only leave those in the wardrobe. Do the same with your accessories, shoes and jewellery. Give away clothes and shoes which will not wear any more. If you don’t have a friend who will like them, give them to charity.

Clean the bathroom

Wash your towels, shower curtain and bath mats. Remove from the bathroom cabinets all the shower gels and shampoos which you don’t like and will not use any more. Scrub the lime scale from the tiles, the shower room and the bath. Deep clean the toilet and the basin and mop the floor. Polish all taps and empty the bins.

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