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By Nick Vassilev

updated: 04/10/2023

Cleaners for schools have it easier in some ways. Kids just aren’t as picky as office workers. If you are a cleaner for an office building then you may have very little say in the office cleaning products you use. These are typically industrial strength products which are approved by the maintenance contractor due to factors like re circulated air in the building, low levels of chemical smell, etc. In other words, they’ve been pre approved for use in office cleaning for commercial buildings.

Office buildings have very strict guidelines as to what kind of chemicals and cleaners can be used; they have to not cause allergic reactions and most are allergen controlled. Companies do this to avoid any complications or missed work from employees who may be sensitive to chemicals. Your job is to dilute these office cleaning products if recommended on the label and use them in accordance with their instructions. This needs to be taken very seriously, as you can lose your job if you are lax in using the products correctly.

There has been many times where I just knew that the product would work better if I didn’t dilute it or used twice as much as was on the instructions. Usually I ended up wasting chemicals and creating a mess. The rule of thumb is if that product doesn’t work, use another, and don’t add twice as much. Be sure to read all of the instructions all the way through when using a commercial product during office cleaning, else you could end up mixing two very dangerous chemicals that normally wouldn’t cause a reaction if used individually ( remember your mother telling you about mixing bleach and ammonia?). Always have a small bucket or squirt bottle of plain water handy if you happen to get office cleaning products in your eyes, while milder than some other cleaning products for other areas in the building, it still hurts like heck to get them in your eyes, and you may not be able to see to find the restrooms or eye wash areas quickly. A quick spray from your bottle could mean the difference between a red eye and a visit to the emergency room.

Office cleaning products are typically very mild, leaving the harsher cleaners for the bathrooms, cafeterias (as in degreasers), and high traffic areas. The office cleaning cart will often consist of brass polish and dusting spray for both electronics, such as what is called ”liquid air” for cleaning keyboards and other parts of the computers and regular lemon scented dusting spray.

The truth is, office workers and anyone who works at a desk generally doesn’t like to have their things touched or their space invaded. You may have even been given instructions to leave some desks completely untouched. Most office cleaning consists of emptying waste baskets and tidying up. You will use your vacuum and your rubbish bags the most.

One last thought, you may split up with your crew to do separate floors, so know where everyone is, for securities sake.

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