Organised Clean and Tidy Home Brings Happiness

updated: 17/01/2023

All Those Little Things That Make You Feel Better

Right from the birth of your child, you should be clear with the idea that you will live in a world of toys as they will be all around your home. Your home will never again be that organised place with the scented candles and the tidy cushions, but the whole this clutter will bring you lots of joy and happiness which you haven’t felt before. There are certain tips which may help you get your home a little bit more organised which will save you money and a lot of efforts.

Organisational Tips

  • For each room of your house where there are kids toys in it, have a basket to store the toys in, rather than having them on the floor.
  • For any small objects like crayons or small toys, have any small boxes where you can place them in every night after your kids go to bed.Tips to keep your home tidy
  • Have a place for most of the objects in your house and try to put them in the right place after you have used them. It will become a habit and you will train your kids to do the same when they start to understand.
  • Have in the room where you spend most of your time something which is your favourite and which brings you happiness. It might be a bunch of flowers or a scented candle, but looking at it instead of the clutter will help you feel happier.
  • Make a list with areas around your house which need thorough deep cleaning and make one each day. If you plan to do the whole list in one day, you will feel exhausted at the end and it will definitely not make you feel happy. Spend no more than ten minutes every day in such tasks and this will make you more motivated.
  • Periodically sort the toys of your children and if some of them are out of order or they just don’t pay attention to them, get rid of them. This will significantly reduce the clutter at your home.
  • Teach your kids to pick their toys and place them in the basket. Make it for them a part of the game and always make them feel happy with what they have done. This will save you a bit of time every day and you can spend this time for doing something else.
  • Having a family means you will have to do washing every day. Try not to make piles of laundry as it will take you more time to do the washing and drying after that. When your laundry is dry, fold the garments straight away and fold them properly and you will be able to choose which ones to iron and which ones are fine without ironing. This tip will decrease the amount of ironing you have to do every day. If you do a bit of ironing on a daily basis instead of leaving piles of garments to be ironed for later, will certainly save you time.
  • Having a family calendar will save you lots of work as you will be able to plan ahead and put important events directly to the calendar.

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