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updated: 04/10/2023

No matter whether it is a winter or a summer time, there are for sure some more pleasant things you can do instead of spending hours cleaning your house. There is a solution to do the house work quicker by following some speed cleaning tips. The organisation spends most of the time when it comes to cleaning. If you plan well ahead what you should do in a particular day, you will have a better idea what to expect and from where to start. The more quick and efficient the cleaning is, the more free time you will have for your favourite activities.

Tidy up

It is very important you keep your home tidy and clutter free. Have too many unnecessary items makes your house looks messy and it takes double the time to get it cleaned every time. Assigning an own place for all the items and placing them there every time reduces the time for tidying up. It is very important to have the habit of keeping the place tidy as this is the main point to start.


Wearing a comfortable clothing is important for the efficiency of the cleaning. Most of the professional domestic cleaners wear uniforms which are easy to wash and make you work faster. Protecting your skin is essential when working with chemicals. Make sure you are well equipped with the necessary protective clothing to avoid damages to your skin and clothing. An apron will protect your garments from getting stained and will also help you keep some of the most important tools like sponges and cloths with you at all times.

Daily cleaning

Do a little bit of housework every day. Although it may seem to you that you clean every day, spending 15 minutes on a daily basis will save you many hours of work each week. If you maintain your house clean, you will avoid the need of a big clean and you will have more time for yourself. For example if you wipe down your bathroom after each use, you will spend less time scrubbing the soap and lime scale after it has built up. After you finish with your dinner, do the washing up straight away instead of leaving this job for the next morning.


It is very important you prioritise the work. Do the most essential tasks even though they might not be the most pleasant ones for you. If you choose to do only the tasks which you like, in a certain time some parts of your house will look dull and dirty and they will need attention. Tip: regular internal and external window cleaning (especially if you live in London) can save you time when doing a deep clean.

Clean logically

When you have to clean a certain room top to bottom, do not clean the floor before you have wiped down the shelves and the furniture. Do the top first and at the end give the floor a good vacuuming and mopping. Only this way you will clean efficiently and your efforts will not be wasted. Do not skip to clean in the corners and behind the furniture as a lot of dust gathers in there and the cleaning will be pointless if you don’t clean properly everywhere.

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