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Anyclean's Service Portfolio At A Glance

You can book Anyclean's cleaners at some of the best rates available in Norbury:

You can also delegate the following tasks to our reliable technicians - patio and driveway cleaning, garden cleaning, spring cleaning, gutter cleaning, after-builders cleans, rubbish removal, and oven cleaning.

Excellent stove cleaning by Anyclean near CV6G QR London, United Kingdom

How Much Does It Cost To Book Us In Norbury?

Our cleaning services are competitively priced, but they are not cheap. We do not want to be associated with cheap work. Quite the opposite. We put our name on the line, backed with more than quarter of a century experience in the cleaning industry.

When you want the job done properly, the first time and within deadlines, you don't look for cheap work. Cheap spells trouble, and trouble is the last thing you need.

Get the job done with minimum hassle when you want it. Click the button below to get the ball rolling.

Top notch carpet treatment in a 1-mile perimeter around CV3F VV London, United Kingdom

What Have We Cleaned Lately In SW16? 

  • Exterior office window washing at Tylecroft Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4BL.
  • Eco-friendly waste disposal at Norbury Cres, Norbury, London SW16 4JT.
  • Thorough post-construction cleaning for commercial premises at Stanford Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4QA.
  • Regular domestic cleaning at Bavant Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4SN.

Our Bullet-proof Quality Satisfaction Guarantee 

If you are not happy with any aspect of our performance, you can request an immediate repetition of the concrete cleaning task - we will do it FREE OF CHARGE!

What Makes Us The Best Cleaning Choice In Norbury?

  • A crew of dedicated and highly skilled experts
  • Non-stop availability - we work even on Bank and National Holidays
  • Free quotes available 24/7 via email
  • Reasonable rates and great special offers
  • No hidden fees or charges - you only pay for what you get
  • Multiple payment options
  • Instant cleaner's replacement in case of sickness or upon request
  • Punctuality - we are always on time for our appointments
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability Policy.
Effective post-construction window polishing in the area around CV4H 6Q London, United Kingdom


How long should a cleaner take?

It depends on how large your house or apartment is. A regular two-bedroom home should not require more than 3 or at most 4 hours to finish all cleaning chores.

How do I find a good cleaning service?

  • Search the internet for the specific service you need and compare the offers of at least three or four local contractors.
  • Check the feedback for their performance, preferably from independent sources.
  • Check local forums or ask around - your friends or colleagues must have used some cleaning services and could point you to a good company.
  • Make some phone calls and ask all the questions you need - you will get a better notion for the professionalism of a cleaning company by communicating with its frontline support team.
  • Determine your cleaning budget and set realistic expectations according to it.

How do you price a house cleaning job?

Anyclean works with a standardised house cleaning rate (available upon request on 020 7099 6964). Depending on the size of your home and range of the sanitary services you require, we may need about 3-4 hours to finish all tasks. We do have a 2-hour minimum per visit, so that we do not waste the time of our cleaners.

Why is my house always dusty?

  • Check the air conditioner. The filters accumulate large amounts of dust that the AC invisibly redistributes in the air.
  • Your location. If there is heavy car traffic or construction sites near your place of residence, dust accumulation is almost inevitable.
  • Check your vacuum cleaner. You should clean it after every vacuuming because its filters also become cluttered with dust and its efficiency deteriorates. 

Trust The Local Cleaning Experts 

Anyclean covers the entire area within a 3.2-mile perimeter around Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club at 55 Ederline Ave, London SW16 4RZ, United Kingdom

Where To Go To In Norbury While We Do The Cleaning

  • Norbury Park. It is a large open space that is located around Green Lane, in the centre of the south London suburb of Norbury SW16. For many years this site has been used by locals, residents of the neigbouring suburbs, as well as the many tourist visitors as a place of rest and relaxation. Tucked away from the busy shopping streets and bustling city roads, the park is renowned for playing sports, walking, jogging and relaxing in tranquil surroundings. Whether you are looking for a quiet and beautiful open space, in which to spend time playing with your children, or you just want to breath fresh air while watching the world go by, the Norbury Park is the right choice for you.
  • St. Oswald’s Church. Located, as the name itself suggest, in St Oswald’s Road, it is the principal place for worship in the area of Norbury SW16. It is a simple but very interesting church facility that consists of nave, aisles, chancel with apse, and a north transept. The transept includes the church’s organ at first floor level, as well as the choir vestry, which is set to the north of the apes. Opened several times throughout the week, St Oswald’s is home to a large and loyal congregation of committed Christians who meet for prayer and worship. The church is well attended and many of its members like to take a leading role in the community affairs of the day. 
  • Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club. Located at 55 Ederline Avenue, Norbury SW16, it is a friendly place where local residents and people from the neighbouring suburbs play tennis, get fit and have fun. The club is open for player of all ages and standards, which includes complete newbies. Coaching is available on the site, both individually and in group sessions. Saturday afternoons and Wednesday evenings are most popular on the site, invigorated by summer BBQs and their licensed clubhouse bar. The clubhouse is available for private booking and is regularly hired at weekends for social events and family function, such as birthdays, wedding banquets and anniversaries. Norbury Park Lawn Tennis Club was recently awarded the Clubmark accreditation by Surrey Lawn Tennis Association at the club’s Open Day on Sunday 28th April 2013.