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updated: 03/11/2023

Fibreglass sinks and tubs over a prolonged period of time develop stubborn stains, which become almost impossible to get rid off after a considerable span of time. But in the contemporary times it has become much easier to get rid of stains which earlier seemed almost impossible to get rid off. The availability of non-abrasive home cleaners, both mild and hard ones makes the tough job comparatively easier. In order to known more on how to clean fibreglass sinks and tubs follow the steps below.

Talking about non-abrasive cleaners to get rid of stains from the fibreglass sinks and tubs you must remember that the scrubbing part should be quite gentle at first and gradually a bit of pressure is required to remove the more stubborn ones. The non-abrasive cleaners which you can use can include dishwashing liquids mostly used for hands or other types of laundry detergents. The all-purpose household cleaners will also suit your purpose well. The mild as well as moderate alkali solutions such as baking soda dissolved in lukewarm water is also perfect for the purpose of removing stains from the fibreglass sinks and tubs.

If the stain is too stubborn, then rub any one of the cleaners for the purpose of cleaning regularly and leave on for about an hour before rinsing it off completely. The tough stains are generally caused by adhesives, tar or oil paints. Thereafter moisten a clean cloth with a kind of solvent known as acetone, generally known by the name of nail polish remover as well as paint thinner and then slowly rub the stained area in a gentle manner. Make minimum use of the solvent for the purpose and then use a clean moist cloth to rub off the whole thing. You must also keep in mind that you should not let the solvent that you are using to go down through any of the plastic things. You should be very careful while using any kind of solvents. Make sure that you have plenty of ventilation in and around you when you are engaged in the task of cleaning. The mild abrasives such as Soft Scrub and Bon Ami should be used occasionally and must not be used for the purpose of regular domestic cleaning London. Through rinsing is must after the use of any sort of cleaner.

Cleaners like that of common scouring detergent of powders as well as steel wool and scrapers must be avoided to clean fibreglass sinks and tubs. It should always be kept in mind that a regular cleaning spree can avoid the stains to settle on a permanent basis. If you rub lemon and vinegar over and over on the stain, it is sure that the stains will not be so stubborn to remove. However make sure that you do not make use of any kind of acids to clean fibreglass sinks and tubs. And of course do not try out any new material for the purpose of cleaning until and unless the label clearly suggests that it is safe to be used for the purpose.

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