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By Nick Vassilev

updated: 11/10/2023

London rug cleaning contractorRugs are an addition to the interior of the property and they form a beautiful piece of art on the floor. They vary in type, colour and materials and it is a matter of a personal taste to choose a design of the rug. The rugs not only make the home beautiful and welcoming, but they are also beneficial to keep the warmth at home and it is pleasant for the kids to play on them. Rugs very often may get harmed by food and drinks spillages, stains from crayons, paint, make up and glue.

Rugs same as carpets contain dust and dust mites even though they are regularly vacuumed. Usually once or twice a week is a reasonable frequency, but professionally washing them is also essential for the complete hygiene of the rugs. Vacuuming is not sufficient to deep clean the rugs, as reaching the rug fibres is not possible with a household vacuum cleaner.

Wool rugs are among the most preferred rug types by many households as they resist dust mites. They are hard to be properly cleaned though because of the nature of the fibres, but once cleaned, they remain in a good condition for longer. Hot water extraction is the best method of cleaning which could be performed on rugs. It is an effective method for removing stains, kill dust mites and bacteria. Deep cleaning of wool rugs is usually impossible to be done at home with any domestic cleaning products. They require something more powerful like the heavy duty machine for steam cleaning rugs.

Having the right cleaning materials and equipment is a mandatory requirement for a professional company. You will recognise the professional companies by their knowledge of different rug materials and their ability to treat them. If you aren’t sure you have found the right rug cleaning company, you’d better not book a service with them to avoid disappointment.

These useful tips might be used as a guidance how to look after a rug if you have one at home. If you are not sure what type of a rug you have, always speak to a professional rug cleaning company before you book a rug cleaning service.

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