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updated: 18/01/2023

The Magic Creation That We Use For Drinking

You can use Coca Cola for much more than drinkingIt contains phosphoric acid with a pH of 2.8. Trucks containing the concentrate have to carry a hazardous goods warning sign –the sort for highly corrosive materials. It can dissolve a T-bone steak in 24 hours and a rusty nail in a fortnight. It’s also one of the most widely drunk and recognised brands of soft drink in the world: Coca-Cola.

Actually You Can Use Coke For Cleaning Your Home

Coca-cola can be used around the home in a number of cleaning applications. This writer can’t personally vouch for any of the following – I never buy Coke, and if I do in a weak moment, it never survives for long after being discovered by the resident teenagers. But I’d like to have a go!
  • Add a bottle or even a can of Coke into your washing machine along with your regular detergent and wash as usual. This will bust grease stains (handy for those with amateur mechanics in the family).Include coke in your home cleaning kit
  • A rag dampened with Coke will clean general haze and gunk off a car windscreen.
  • To clean a toilet bowl with very heavy staining, pour a can of Coca-Cola (or a whole bottle) into the toilet bowl and leave it overnight without flushing. This is easier to do if nobody has drunk any of the Coke, as it has some diuretic properties. If desperate, use a potty. The Coke will eat into the scale and stains from the porcelain. Flush away in the morning and hey presto! One clean loo.
  • If the terminals on your car battery have rusted a bit, squirt a generous dollop of Coke onto them and leave it for a bit, or else pour a whole can of the stuff over it. This will eat away the rust, and you can just use a toothbrush to scrub the bits away. Rinse well afterwards. If you do this with the battery in situ, you might be able to degrease your engine a bit; the Coca-Cola company itself is said to use it for cleaning the engines of their distribution trucks.
  • A bottle of Coke poured onto a driveway or some other bit of concrete where someone’s spilt motor oil will work wonders for cleaning up the mess. They say that the US Highway Patrol carries big bottles of Coca-Cola for cleaning blood off the tarmac at accident scenes – but this might be just one of those internet rumours.
  • To clean the inside of a china teapot that’s got stained over the years, fill it up with Coke and let it sit for an hour or three (overnight is better). It will do for the teapot what it does for toilet bowls. Rinse very well afterwards. (Note: who looks inside a teapot and sees the stains anyway?)
  • Rusty bolts will loosen if you soak them in Coke and leave them to sit for an hour.
  • Coke can be used as a meat tenderiser and marinade. However, you will have to eat the super-sugary result. Pineapple juice is probably a healthier option, along with kiwifruit or papaya pulp.


And people drink this stuff???

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