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Are you moving out of your Shoreditch home? We know how stressed-out you must be with all the tasks piling on you. We also know the last thing you want to plan right now is a day of scrubbing, sweeping, and polishing. But what if you could delegate the planning and execution to someone you could totally trust? What if your end of tenancy cleaning involvement ended with a 5-minute call, and then you could pay attention to other tasks?

This is precisely what Anyclean has to offer! We are one of the leading housekeeping and home maintenance contractors in East London, operating since 1998. With an impeccable reputation among property owners and housing estate managers in Shoreditch and the residential areas nearby, we bring a premium quality of service at some of the most affordable price rates you can find on today's market. Anyclean works with fully certified cleaners only who can deliver thorough sanitary treatment quickly and whenever you need them.

Our task force teams are at your disposal seven days per week - we even work on Bank and National Holidays. Choose the most suitable day in your timetable and call us on 020 7099 6964 - we will fit you in immediately! 

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Our Prices

Our Shoreditch customers take advantage of a system of fixed estimates that does not allow for any fluctuations in the cost of service. Time for completion is not a factor when it comes to your bill - time management and efficiency in performance are our concerns, not yours. To get a better notion of our pricing range, please check the chart below:

1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £158.00

2 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £170.00

3 bedroom 2 bathrooms flat..........from £205.00


Please notice that deep-clean carpet care is not included in the package. If you want to add the service, we can offer you some substantial discounts on it. All detergents and additional materials are included in the price.

*We will need one parking spot for our vehicles. If your residential building does not have a parking area, additional fees may apply (they will be included in your quote before the procedure).

What Makes Us The Most Reliable Move-out Cleaning Provider In E1?

  • We work with the best experts in the business with impeccable professional record
  • Affordable price rates, special deals, and exclusive discounts
  • Multiple payment options
  • Non-stop availability - including National and Bank holidays
  • We provide not only pre-booked, but short-notice and emergency cleaning help as well
  • We tailor our treatment approach according to the demands and requirements of our customers
  • A comprehensive task sheet that addresses all sanitary problems of a modern London home
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability policy
  • Commitment to excellence and impeccable professional record
  • The most efficient customer support in the business.


What Does Our Service Package Include?

When we approach the task of the post-vacancy sanitary treatment of any residence, we want to be as thorough and concentrated as possible. Regardless of the preliminary hygienic conditions, either good or bad, we want to pay attention to every corner of every room, from top to bottom. While most people would concentrate on the high traffic areas or spots that pose the greatest hygienic risk, Anyclean's teams will treat items and places that often get neglected in the home maintenance. Here is a quick outline of the chores we usually take care of during our visits.

Bathroom chores

  • Thorough bathroom vanities cleaning - sink, taps, shower curtains, mirrors, shelves, drawers, etc.
  • Shower cabin/ bathtub cleaning and polishing
  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing
  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Tile grout cleaning and mould spots removal.

Kitchen chores

  • Dusting of all drawers and cupboards
  • Cleaning and polishing of all countertops and cooking surfaces
  • Cleaning of all utensils and kitchen appliances - including the microwave oven, coffee machine, mixer, toaster, etc.
  • Polishing of the sink and taps
  • Thorough fridge cleaning - from the inside and out
  • Deep-clean treatment of the dishwasher - sanitising and cleaning, removal of any accumulated limescale and rust
  • Thorough treatment of the stove and oven - removing any stains, rust or grease
  • Cleaning and sanitising of the waste bins and restocking them with disposable plastic bags
  • Disposal of any beverages or food products left behind.

General chores

  • Floor cleaning and sanitising - depending on the floor covering type
  • Indoor window cleaning
  • Dusting of all shelves and drawers
  • Vacuum cleaning of the entire residence, paying special attention to the bedroom mattresses and upholstered furniture
  • Cleaning and polishing of all metal, wooden, glass, and plastic surfaces
  • Dusting of all window sills, shutters, blinds, and curtains
  • Cleaning of all backboards, door frames and handles
  • Dusting of all ventilation systems, air conditioners, and ceiling fans
  • Moving of all light furniture and dusting underneath
  • Waste and garbage disposal.


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Our Cleaning Wizards Always Get The Job Done

For our nineteen years of hard work, we have seen everything - clogged toilets, stained kitchen corners, neglected carpets and mould ridden bathroom tiles. But these challenges have never stopped us from achieving the ultimate goal - delivering the kind of results our customers expect from us. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty if the job requires it - on the contrary, our technicians relish the effort.

Our industry, however, has greatly changed throughout the years. The influx of new technology and cleaning materials has made it imperative to keep in touch with the latest achievements in domestic electronics and chemistry. At the same time, the customers of the new century expect faster, more effective and reliable service than ever. 

Anyclean has responded to these expectations with more energy and desire to improve and adapt. We work in close partnership with the leading training institutions in the industry, including the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the British Window Cleaning Academy.

How Do We Sustain Our Unblemished Professional Record?

  • We carefully plan every procedure and allow enough time for travel, transportation to the address, and execution.
  • We always get in touch with the property owners before the treatment, for two reasons. First, they know the residence better than anyone else. Second, they can provide us with valuable guidelines and concrete requirements that make our job easier.
  • Once the cleaning is done, we perform a meticulous quality check-up. If there is any lapse in the results, our team will repeat the necessary procedure.


Where Can You Find Us?

If you need a tenancy cleaning help but do not live in Shoreditch, do not despair - you can rely on Anyclean in all of East London, including:


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All you have to do is send us an email via the Contact form (please fill in all required fields so that we can plan your appointment more easily) or give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964. Our office contact hours are:

  • Every day of the working week - 09.00 - 18.00
  • On weekends and holidays - 10.00 - 16.00.


Customers' Feedback

"Fantastic job by the best home cleaners in Shoreditch! And your prices are amazing, especially if you want to add other services - the best discounts in the business!"

Henry M.

"This is the first time I book a professional cleaner, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I could have never imagined that three people could achieve so much in so little time!"

Patrick D.

"Anyclean was a revelation - I guess I have to buy a thousand morning coffees for the colleague who told me about you. Booked the end of tenancy cleaning, but I will definitely sign up for the regular housekeeping service as well!"

Marisa T.