Top Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Barnes SW13

Highly Effective Move-out Cleaning Services In SW13

What Makes Us The Number One Checkout Cleaning Provider In SW13?

  • Competitive price rates.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Fully trained, experienced, and uniformed cleaning teams.
  • Powerful professional equipment and high-quality materials.
  • Bullet-proof Insurance and Liability Policy. 
  • A comprehensive task sheet that covers all sanitary and hygienic issues of your former residence.
  • Short notice appointments – we try to perform the cleaning within 2-3 days of your first call.
  • No compromise with quality – strict control and procedure oversight. 
  • Friendly and helpful customer support.

Post-tenancy Cleaning By Anyclean - Trust The Best Professionals In South West London

The most thorough post-tenancy cleaning service in SW13

If you are looking for the most affordable, fastest, and most efficient after-tenancy cleaning contractor in Barnes SW13, you have come to the right place. We have been in the cleaning business for the past seventeen years, acquiring the reputation of a reliable, trustworthy, and cost-effective partner that values your time. If you choose us, you can forget about all worries related to the planning and execution of the final treatment of your former residence before you leave. We also communicate with the property owners to make the process smoother and avoid any misunderstandings or problematic issues. 

Anyclean operates in all of South West London, including some of the most exclusive residential areas of the city. You can take advantage of our services all throughout the week- even on National and Bank Holidays. We have made it one of our priorities to deliver the cleaning procedures as soon as possible after the initial contact – we realise you do not want this task to linger on your transition to-do list. Get in touch with us today for further details or book an appointment on 020 7099 6964!

Property Cleaning Pricing Policy

Anyclean works with an exclusive system of fixed estimates based on the number of rooms and the total square footage of the residence. Our quotes are in no way affected by the necessary time for completion or the condition of the premises – we neither shy from a cleaning challenge nor are we afraid of getting our hands dirty if the job requires it. 

Please keep in mind that carpet cleaning is a supplementary service and is not included in the packages. If you want us to take care of it, please notify us right away. There are no contract fees or additional charges – you only pay for what you get!

The Best Tenancy Deep-clean Teams In Barnes Are At Your Disposal 

To uphold the highest professional standards of performance we need expert, dedicated, and hard working people on our side. Anyclean spares no time and energy in its cleaning contractors selection process. And when it comes to tenancy cleaning, the choice is even more exclusive. Each specialist has first specialised in another branch of our portfolio – carpet, home or window cleaning. This gives our squads versatility and depth of knowledge that lets them deal with effectively and quickly with the task at hand. We look for people with extensive experience and skills who can perform under pressure and can deliver premium quality of performance within tight deadlines. 

What Have We Cleaned Lately In SW13? 

  • End of tenancy cleaning at Ferry Rd, London SW13 9PW.
  • After-lease cleaning at Westmoreland Rd, London SW13 9LY.
  • Post-vacancy cleaning at Castelnau, London SW13 9RU.
  • Move-out cleaning at Belgrave Rd, London SW13 9NS.

Let's Make Your Landlords Happy!

Easy-to-book End of Lease Cleaning Appointment

All you have to do is give us a call on 020 7099 6964 – we will take it from there! You can contact us Monday through Friday, 09.00-18.00 or during the weekends and holidays 10.00-16.00. Or you can send us an email through the Contact form  

Quality Control For Every After-tenancy Cleaning Procedure

We come up to our promise of excellence. Sometimes even the best teams have an off day. If you are not satisfied with the final results, we will come back and repeat the necessary procedures - FREE OF CHARGE!

Beneficial For Estate Managers And Property Owners

The biggest effort in this direction is the focus we put on communication. We stay in constant touch not only with the customers but with their landlords as well. Our policy is to meet the property owners at least twice throughout the service process - once before the cleaning, to find out if they have any peculiar requirements; and then after the cleaning, to make sure we have covered all sanitary issues. In the unlikely event that additional work is required, we will come back and re-clean the problematic spots - FREE OF CHARGE.

Local Leaders In High-quality House Cleaning

Anyclean covers the entire area within a 4-mile radius around Barnes Green at 7A Church Rd, London SW13 0DQ


How long does an end of tenancy clean take?

It depends on the size of the premises and their overall sanitary condition. A thorough post-tenancy deep-clean treatment may require anything between three and six hours.

Is end of tenancy cleaning charged by the hour or not?

Anyclean does not charge on a per-hour basis for its tenancy cleaning services. We work with a system of fixed estimates instead. For more information please contact us on 020 7099 6964!

Do tenants have to pay for professional cleaning?

When you move out of your leased residence, you are expected to perform a thorough deep-clean treatment before you leave. Many property owners insert a clause in the contract, defining that the cleaning must be performed by a professional contractor.

How clean should a rental house be before moving out?

The general rule is that you should leave the residence in at least as good a hygienic condition as you have found it. The best solution is to hire an end of tenancy cleaning company to worry about the details instead of you.

What Does Our Rental Property Cleaning Include?

We come to your former residence with a single purpose - to make sure it is in pristine condition once we have finished, and ready for its future tenants. If that requires hard work, deep-clean treatment, scrubbing and sweeping – we are all for it! Here is what our tenancy task sheet usually looks like (it may vary according to residence specifications):

General chores

  • Disposal of all garbage left behind.
  • Sweeping and vacuum cleaning of all rooms (except for the bathroom). 
  • Dusting and cleaning of all shelves and drawers.
  • Indoor window cleaning.
  • Polishing of all wooden, plastic, metal and glass surfaces.
  • Dusting and cleaning of all window sills, door frames and handles. 
  • Moving of all light furniture (tables, chairs, armchairs, ottomans) and sweeping underneath.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all upholstered furniture pieces and bedroom mattresses. 

Kitchen chores

  • Fridge defrosting and deep clean.
  • Oven cleaning, grime or rust removal if necessary.
  • Cleaning of all kitchen cupboards and drawers.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all cooking surfaces and counter tops.
  • Cleaning of all kitchen utensils and electric appliances (coffee machine, microwave oven, mixer, toaster, etc.).
  • Disposal of any food products and beverages. 
  • Restocking all waste bins with plastic bags. 
  • Cleaning and polishing of the kitchen sink and tap. 

Bathroom chores

  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment. 
  • Thorough bathroom vanities cleaning (includes mirrors, drawers, sink, taps, shelves, etc.).
  • Tile grout cleaning and mould removal.
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing.
  • Bathtub/shower cabin cleaning. 

What do our customers say about the move out cleaning we provide?

“You did a fantastic job on my former flat in Barnes that let me concentrate on moving and settling in my new home instead of worrying about the cleaning of the old one. For anybody in need of urgent tenancy cleaning – Anyclean is the correct answer!”

Kevin D., Ullswater Rd, London SW13 9PN

“Anyclean is one of the few service providers I have used in the past years that doesn’t come short to what it promises. These guys really care about what they do and you can see it in the effort and dedication they work with. Respect!”

Frank J., Boileau Rd, London SW13 9BW

“I was particularly worried about the mould in the bathroom because I knew how prickly my landlord would react to it. Thank God for Anyclean and their cleaning team – you are miracle workers! I might have had to pay a forfeit on my tenancy contract if it wasn’t for you!”

Irene T., Lillian Rd, London SW13 9JF