End Of Tenancy Cleaning Wimbledon SW19

Post-vacancy Cleaning Packages In Wimbledon SW19 Overview

Premium quality of service, affordable prices, and thoroughly reliable performance – can you get it all at once for your end of tenancy cleaning procedure in Wimbledon? The answer is yes – with Anyclean! We have been among the leading cleaning contractors in SW London for the last eighteen years. Since 1998, we have worked with property owners, housing estates, and tenants in some of London’s most exclusive residential areas, to make sure their requirements are met with the proper care and attention. Our Wimbledon customers should expect nothing less – we bring you the most cost-effective packages on the market today, backed up by the outstanding skill set and expertise of Anyclean’s hardworking teams. 

What do you have to do to take advantage of our services? If you need urgent tenancy cleaning help In Wimbledon SW19, just give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and we can set up a quick appointment right away. Anyclean excels in planning and timetable adjustability – in the vast majority of cases, we can perform the cleaning within 2-3 days of your call. Our teams are at your disposal seven days per week, all throughout the year, including all Bank and National Holidays.

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What makes us the best tenancy cleaning provider in Wimbledon? 

  • Experienced and highly skilled staff.
  • Affordable prices and the best correlation between expenses and results.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • A tailor-made approach to every single case.
  • Extremely short notice service.
  • A comprehensive Insurance and Liability policy.
  • A thorough set of cleaning procedures that addresses all hygienic and sanitary requirements of a modern London home. 
  • Anyclean is a fully certified Safe Contractor.
  • Outstanding reputation among landlords and property owners all around SouthWest London. 
  • Cutting-edge equipment and a powerful selection of organic-based cleaning materials for your complete peace of mind. 
  • Rigorous quality control for every procedure.
  • Non-stop availability – we work on all holidays!


Pricing policy

We strive to be as transparent and open with our potential customers as possible. First, we work with fixed rates that are not subject to change, so you can get a pretty concrete notion of what your bill will look like. There are no hidden charges or contract fees. Second and more important, we never start a cleaning procedure before our customers receive their price quote. There will be no unpleasant surprises with Anyclean in this regard – guaranteed!

Take a look at our set of standard London post-tenancy-cleaning rates below:

1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £158.00

2 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £170.00

3 bedroom 2 bathrooms flat..........from £205.00


*Please notice that carpet cleaning is not included in the tenancy cleaning service package and is charged separately. If you need us to take care of it, notify our customer representatives when you first contact us.

**We will need one parking spot for our vehicles. If your residential building does not provide parking space, additional fees may apply. 

Our experienced cleaning teams

We have been fortunate to work with some of the leading checkout tenancy cleaning specialists in SW19. Anyclean is well-known for its virtually non-existent service providers turnover. In fact, many of our staff members have been with us for over a decade. This continuity helps us affirm the professional principles we have built our success on – hard work, attention to detail, serious attitude, quality control, and respect for the customer. 

We also pay particular attention to professional specialization and improving the technical skills and knowledge of the people who work for us. Anyclean has a long-standing partnership with some of the leading training institutions in our business – the British Window Cleaning Academy and the National Carpet Cleaners Association. With their help, we make sure our technicians are up to date with the latest trends in the sphere of home maintenance and tenancy cleaning. 

Our end of tenancy cleaning task sheet 

The primary goal of the procedure is to prepare the residence for its future tenants so that they can enjoy its comforts just as much as you did. To achieve it, we need to carefully treat all high-traffic areas and the home items that are used on a daily basis – like furniture, kitchen utensils, and bathroom vanities. 

Here is a quick look at the chores we usually perform during every tenancy cleaning procedure:

Chores in the bathroom

  • We clean and sanitize the floor.
  • We scrub and polish the wall tiles.
  • We clean the toilet and apply anti-bacteria detergents.
  • We clean and polish the bathtub and/or the shower cabin.
  • We clean all bathroom vanities – shelves, drawers, mirrors, shower curtains, sink, taps, etc.

Chores in the kitchen

  • We defrost and thoroughly clean the fridge from the inside and out.
  • We deep-clean the oven, removing any accumulated grease, grime or rust.
  • We dust and clean all drawers and cupboards.
  • We clean and polish all cooking surfaces.
  • We clean all kitchen utensils and appliances (mixer, toaster, coffee machine, microwave oven, etc.).
  • We clean and polish the sink and taps. 
  • We throw out any food products or beverages left behind. 
  • We restock all waste bins with plastic bags.

General chores

  • We sweep and vacuum clean the entire residence.
  • We vacuum clean all upholstered furniture and bedroom mattresses.
  • We move all light furniture and dust underneath.
  • We clean all windows from the inside.
  • We dust and clean all window sills, shutters, blinds, and curtains.
  • We clean and polish all door frames and handles.
  • We clean and polish all metal, glass, wooden, and plastic surfaces.
  • We dust and clean all shelves and drawers. 
  • We dispose of any garbage left behind. 


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No compromises with quality control

The quality of the results we deliver is as important to you as it is for us to maintain our reputation as the most reliable and trustworthy end of tenancy cleaning provider in Wimbledon SW19. Therefore we are adamant in our quality control policies and apply them throughout every procedure we undertake.

What truly sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we happily involve the property owners in the control process. Should they wish to, they can join us during our final quality screening, and we check the results of the procedure together. 

Areas of operation

Anyclean covers not only SW19 but all residential areas nearby:


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Customers’ feedback

“Hard to find a decent service for an affordable price these days. You guys might be the last Mohicans of reason in this hyper-inflated city!”

Clark A.

“Anyclean did a fantastic job on my apartment, and given the fact they had just 36 hours to plan the whole thing, their performance is even more impressive! I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for a tenancy cleaning contractor!”

Amanda T.

“That is the first time ever I use a professional cleaning company, so I guess I got extra lucky to stumble upon Anyclean. You can make even the most complicated situation easy for the customer!”

Lily S.
Earls Court