End Of Tenancy Cleaning Islington N1

Recommended Tenancy Cleaners in N1, Islington – Service Overview 

If you find yourself in trouble to choose a reliable and efficient end of tenancy cleaning contractor in London, call 020 7099 6964 – your worries will be over. Guaranteed!

Anyclean is a leading London-based company that excels in residential cleaning and maintenance services. All cleans come with our iron clad guarantee that, if you are not happy with the cleaning, we will come back and fix the areas of concern free of charge. No risk, no brainer!

Tenancy cleaning has been a part of our professional portfolio since the inception of the company back in 1998. Since the very beginning, we have gained the reputation of a trustworthy cleaning contractor who always gets the job done. Hundreds of tenants and landlords all over Greater London can attest to the premium quality of our services. 

If you move out of your Islington residence (N1 postcode) and you are in an urgent need of a checkout tenancy cleaning help, we are the perfect company for the job. Our expert teams usually need no more than three days to plan and perform the cleaning and let you move on with your life! On many occasions Anyclean is able to book you in much sooner.

And since we work non-stop, even on National and Bank Holidays, you can rely on us all throughout the year!

Our Pricing Policy

We give our Islington customers all the information they need to make the right choice. Anyclean applies its own standardized system of price estimates that completely removes time for completion as a determining factor. Thus, instead of constantly checking their watches, our cleaners can concentrate on the tasks at hand. 

You can check the chart below to get a notion of what your price quote might look like.

1 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £158.00

2 bedroom 1 bathroom flat..........from £170.00

3 bedroom 2 bathrooms flat..........from £205.00


There are no contract fees or hidden charges – with Anyclean you always pay only for what you get. Once received, quotes are not a subject of change. 

*Please notice that carpet cleaning is a separate service. If you want to include it in your package, notify the customer representative you get in touch with.

**We expect our customers to provide the Anyclean teams with one parking spot for our vehicles. If this is not possible, additional parking fees may apply.

What Makes Us the Best Tenancy Cleaning Contractor in Islington?

  • Eighteen years of experience and hundreds of successful procedures.
  • Affordable price rates that start from just £80!
  • The best post-tenancy cleaning teams in North London.
  • Short-notice service – we perform the cleaning within 2-3 days of your first call.
  • Totally comprehensive and satisfactory service package.
  • Non-stop communication with your landlords and adjusting our performance according to their requirements.
  • Bullet-proof Insurance and Liability Policy. 
  • Dedicated and helpful customer support. 


Constant Quality Control For Premium Results

We always strive to provide the best tenancy cleaning possible for two reasons. First, we have a reputation to maintain, and we cannot let our standards of performance slip even an inch below the level of perfection we are known for. Second, and more important, because our main goal is complete customer satisfaction with the least hassle and time invested on your side. 

Quality control, then, is a fundamental part of our process. Each cleaning team includes a supervisor that makes sure all chores in our task sheet receive proper care and attention, all rooms are cleaned according to Anyclean’s standards of performance, and when we finish, we leave the residence in prime condition. 

We are one of the few cleaning contractors who invite landlords and property owners do the final inspection with us, before we leave. It helps us save time and energy and we can address any additional requirements on the spot. If we have missed even one tiny spot – we will come back and re-clean the area, FREE OF CHARGE! 

Tenancy Cleaning Task Sheet 

Unlike any other home maintenance procedure or service, end of tenancy cleaning is a comprehensive, thorough, deep-clean treatment of your former residence whose goal is to leave it in the condition it had been the day you moved in (or even better, as we like to think). To that end, we have to pay attention to every detail, deliver a concentrated effort, and treat almost every square inch of your home. 

General cleaning tasks

  • Vacuum cleaning and sweeping of all rooms (except for the bathroom).
  • Floor cleaning (depending on the covering type).
  • Indoor window cleaning
  • Cleaning and dusting of all shelves and cupboards.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all glass, metal, plastic, and wooden surfaces. 
  • Vacuum cleaning of the upholstered furniture and the bedroom mattresses. 
  • Moving of light furniture (stools, chairs, armchairs, tables) and dusting underneath.
  • Cleaning of the window sills and blinds.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all door handles and frames.
  • Disposal of any garbage left behind. 

Kitchen cleaning tasks

  • Oven cleaning – grime, oil and rust removal.
  • Fridge defrost, cleaning inside and out.
  • Kitchen sink cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment. 
  • Cleaning of all kitchen cupboards and drawers. 
  • Cleaning and polishing of all cooking surfaces.
  • Cleaning of all electric appliances (microwave oven, toaster).
  • Disposal of any beverages and food products.
  • Restocking of all waste bins with plastic bags.

Bathroom cleaning tasks

  • Floor mopping and sanitizing.
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing.
  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment. 
  • Comprehensive bathroom vanities cleaning – mirrors, shelves, drawers, sink, taps, shower screen, etc. 
  • Shower cabin/bathtub cleaning and polishing. 


The Teams Who Work for Your Comfort

They comprise of truly amazing, hardworking professionals who are not afraid to get their hands dirty if the job requires it. Anyclean is characterized by an extremely low contractor turnover – in fact, many of our cleaners have been with us for over a decade. In our business this is almost a century of time, and we do not stop to invest in our expert manpower – providing them with extra courses and opportunities for additional certification and professional accreditation. 

What is important for you as a customer – the people who work for you are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. And the one thing they hate is a job unfinished – so rest assured, your tenancy cleaning is in good hands?

Where can you find us?

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“The best cleaning company in Islington – fast, accurate and reliable. I didn’t have to worry about a single thing throughout the whole process!”

Jack G. 

“I have already recommended you to all my colleagues and friends – even if it was just the carpet cleaning alone, it would still be worth every penny I paid for your service!”

Lisa I. 

“The results of the tenancy cleaning were spectacular! I had no idea the flat could look so bright and smell so fresh. It almost felt like a totally different place – and I thought I had kept it in decent condition!”

Clive S. 


Nerdy facts about Islington

  • At the beginning of the 20th century, Vladimir Lenin visited London and resided for a short while at 30 Holford Square.
  • Islington has been featured in some of the greatest pieces of fiction of the modern area – sci-fi and fantasy classics like the Harry Potter series, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere. 
  • Islington can boast off a throng of famous residents, including James McAvoy, Colin Firth, former PM Tony Blair and former Mayor of London Boris Johnson.