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What Makes Us The Number One Post-tenancy Cleaning Choice In SE13?

  • Affordable prices, starting from just £90 for a studio apartment.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Fully trained and uniformed cleaning teams.
  • Cutting-edge equipment and the best biodegradable detergents on the market.
  • Non-stop availability – you can book us even on National and Bank Holidays.
  • A comprehensive set of cleaning procedures for the thorough sanitary treatment of your former residence.
  • Preliminary communication with the property owners to deliver their preferences for the procedure.
  • Emergency and short-notice appointments – we usually need about 2-3 days to plan and perform the cleaning.
  • A bullet-proof Insurance and Liability Policy.
  • All-round customer support.

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Toilet sanitising as a part of the tenancy cleaning service in Lewisham

If you are looking for the best end of tenancy cleaning option in Lewisham you have landed on the right web page! Anyclean is the kind of partner you want in your corner – reliable, hard working, and result-oriented. We have been in the home maintenance business since 1998 and for those more than sixteen years our team has never failed to deliver the kind of service and quality we promise to our customers. When you sign up for our move-out cleaning packages you can expect a thorough sanitary and hygienic treatment of your home that will satisfy even the most demanding landlords. Rest assured, we will get in touch with the property owners, work out their preferences, and adjust our performance accordingly.

Our teams, however, are not only thorough and effective – they are quick in planning and execution as well! Relying on a powerful array of organic-based cleaning materials and latest-generation equipment, we can deliver the results you want more swiftly than any of our competitors. Keep it in mind that we offer emergency and short-notice appointments as well – we will clean your residence within 2-3 days of your first call, should that suit your timetable!

Do not waste your time in looking for a better offer in Lewisham – you can hardly find it! Give us a call on 020 7099 6964 and let us worry about the rest!

Our Rental Property Cleaning Prices

Can Anyclean really offer you the best tenancy cleaning deals in Lewisham? Let’s break down the numbers! Unlike many of our competitors who hide between fluid terms like “affordable” and “best-price”, we offer our customers full access to our price rates. Thus they can make the best well-informed choice for the service they need. Our team has adopted a system of fixed estimates that thoroughly eliminates time for completion as a price determining factor and instead opts for more precise parameters like total square footage and the number of rooms in the residence. Our customers can actually check their expected fee before they even pick up the phone to call us.

Please keep in mind that carpet cleaning is a separate service. Many of our customers forget that – make sure to notify us if you want to include the treatment in your package. We will also need one parking spot for our vehicles. If such is unavailable, additional fees may be applied to your quote. 

Our End of Lease Cleaning Teams

If you are looking for top quality of performance in tight completion deadlines – the Anyclean specialists are the people to rely on. A few characteristics separate a decent cleaner from a great one – punctuality, experience, reliability, skills set, and knowledge. We claim confidently that our staff members combine all of these, and more. We are young, strongly motivated, hard working, and we relish a cleaning challenge. 

On a professional note, Anyclean sustains a long-standing and fruitful partnership with two of the UK’s leading training institutions in our business – the British Window Cleaning Academy and the National Carpet Cleaners Association. With their help we make sure our technicians keep in touch with the latest trends and innovations in home maintenance and sanitary treatment.

Anyclean's Latest Cleaning Appointments In Lewisham

  • After-lease cleaning at Lee High Rd, London SE13 5PT.
  • Post-contract cleaning at Clarendon Rise, London SE13 5EY, UK.
  • Move out cleaning at Slaithwaite Rd, London SE13 6DL.
  • End of tenancy cleaning at College Park Cl, London SE13 5EZ.

Let's Make Sure You Get Your Security Deposit Back!

How Do You Book A Tenancy Deep-clean With Anyclean?

You can send us a price inquiry through the Contact form, and we will get back in touch within 24 hours. Even easier – give us a quick call on 020 7099 6964 and we will set up your end of tenancy cleaning service package in five minutes. Our customer support centre is available:

  • Monday – Friday – 09.00:18.00.
  • On weekends – 10.00:16.00.

Quality Control For Every Property Cleaning Job

There are two levels of quality control that Anyclean employs for all its procedures. The first one is internal and applies to all cleaning teams – we assign a quality supervisor to oversee the performance of all technicians and make sure all results comply with the company’s standards of excellence.

Beneficial For Property Owners And Estate Managers

Then there is the external lever for control – our communication with the property owners. After all, tenancy cleaning is performed for their benefit and we welcome and even urge them to be active in the oversight of the procedure. Should they find out anything that is not to their liking we will come back and re-clean the spot – and you don’t pay a cent for it!

Trust The Local House Cleaning Experts 

Anyclean covers the entire area within a 3-mile radius around Romer House at 132 Lewisham High St, Lewisham, London SE13 6EE, UK


How much does an end of lease clean cost?

We determine the price of your tenancy cleaning package by the number of rooms for treatment. For more precise quotes, get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964.

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

You can check our comprehensive sanitary checklist above. Anyclean offers one of the most thorough post-lease deep-clean treatments, available on the market.

Can I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

It depends on your tenancy contract and the preferences of your landlords. Some property owners require that a professional company does the cleaning, or it is explicitly mentioned in the contract.

Who pays for carpet cleaning - tenant or landlord?

The tenant does. Please notice that carpet cleaning is not included in most end of tenancy cleaning packages, and you have to notify the contractor that you want to include the procedure.

What Does A Tenancy Cleaning Procedure Include?

Do you remember your last spring cleaning? Well, our thorough treatment of your former would look almost the same – only a bit more muscled up and more detailed. We have the necessary experience and professional routine to immediately recognize the most problematic areas from a hygienic point of view and address them accordingly. Our teams will also treat every square inch of usable surface at your former home and concentrate on the high-traffic areas and items you use most often in your daily routine. Our task sheet usually includes but is not limited to:

Bathroom chores

  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment.
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing
  • Floor cleaning and sanitizing.
  • Bathtub/ shower cabin cleaning and polishing.
  • Thorough bathroom vanities cleaning – mirrors, shelves, drawers, shower curtain, sink, taps, etc.

Kitchen chores

  • Cleaning of all electric appliances and utensils (mixer, toaster, microwave oven, coffee machine, etc.).
  • Oven deep-clean; removal of any accumulated dust, grease, and grime if necessary.
  • Fridge defrost, thorough cleaning from the inside and out.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all cooking surfaces.
  • Cleaning and polishing of the kitchen sink and taps.
  • Cleaning and dusting of all cupboards and drawers.
  • Restocking of all waste bins with disposable plastic bags.
  • Throwing out any food products and beverages left behind.

General chores

  • Floor cleaning – depending on the floor covering type.
  • Vacuum cleaning and sweeping of the entire residence.
  • Vacuum cleaning of all bedroom mattresses and upholstered furniture.
  • Moving of all light furniture (tables, stools, armchairs, chairs) and sweeping underneath.
  • Indoor window cleaning.
  • Cleaning and dusting of all window sills, blinds, curtains, and shutters.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all door frames and handles.
  • Cleaning and polishing of all metal, wooden, plastic and glass surfaces. 
  • Cleaning and dusting of all shelves and drawers.
  • Waste and garbage disposal.

What Do Customers Say About Our Move Out Cleaning Performance?

“A five-star service you can thoroughly rely on! The cleaners know their stuff and are expedient and professional. But it is the customer support that was the highlight of the whole service for me – they were very polite, friendly, and helpful.”

Amanda B., Bonfield Rd, London SE13 6BX

“If you ever find yourself in the nightmarish situation to have two days to book an end of tenancy cleaning, call Anyclean – they are arguably the only service provider that can deliver the goods in such a short term.”

Lucy H., Marischal Rd, London SE13 5LE

“The funny thing about the move-out cleaning was that I was so impressed with the results that I booked Anyclean as my regular home cleaners at my new place. It tells you something about their performance!”

Adam D., Algernon Rd, London SE13 7AP