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updated: 05/10/2023

After all the excitement around Christmas and New Year, January is the time when the Christmas decorations should be taken down and packed away. When in December you started to put the baubles, you probably unpacked the ones you had from previous years and bought just a few new ones to add to the collection. It is always tidy to have them organised into boxes and it is easier to decide what where to put. To be easier for you next Christmas when the time for decorating comes, make sure you keep the same boxes and packets to put the decorations in and store them securely.

After you had the decoration out for few weeks, the house starts to look messy and dusty within time and you may feel that despite its brilliance, it is time to pack it away and give your house a good clean. Your decoration may not be in one room only but have tinsels and baubles here and there. It is a good idea to start taking them down room by room and place them in separate boxes. Labelling them will make them more organised for the next year and it will take you less time to decide which decoration to put in which room. Make a list of what each box contains and store the boxes in a safe place for the following Christmas. Most of the baubles come in their box which could be reused for storage. Alternatively, you can use boxes from something else, instead of recycling them, you can store your decorations in them.

If you don’t have suitable boxes, you can store the baubles in a shredded newspaper or just wrap them in the garlands. They are soft and will protect your decorations from breakage. Before you place all the Christmas decorations in the storage boxes, it will be good if you shake the garlands and clean the dust from the baubles with a soft brush. It takes time, but otherwise, they will lose their sparkle if they are covered with dust.

Christmas cards are a part of the festivity as you send cards to friends and relatives and you also receive from them. After the Christmas decoration has been packed away, you may wonder what to do with the Christmas cards. They are very beautiful and you may want to keep them and one day read them to remember the old days, but you may want to throw away some of them. Instead of putting them in the recycling, you may give them to your kids to cut figures from them and use them to make their own decorations and enjoy being creative.

Regardless of whether you had an artificial or a real Christmas tree, you will need to remove it after the festive season has gone. For the artificial trees, you can use a cartoon box although these boxes are very often infested by insects. Instead, you can use a special kind of a wrap or a box which are sold.

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