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updated: 18/01/2023

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Having a fountain in the garden provides a relaxing atmosphere and brings happiness. Fountains, however, like other external parts of the house require maintenance and for their beauty to be preserved. If you don’t look after your fountain, you are risking unpleasant smells to start spreading around and turn your pleasure sitting next to the fountain into an unbearable experience.  It is also essential to clean it regularly in order for it to function correctly. The fountain pump is the most important part and all dirt should be cleared from it regularly.

It is recommended fountains to be cleaned at least every couple of months, but it really depends on its size. To clean it, you could perform the following few simple steps:

If you have a special kind of a fountain, you should probably speak to the company you bought it from before you start cleaning it, but most of the fountains require the water to be drained out first. Depending on the model, you can either do it manually or automatically. If you keep any stones or accessories in the fountain, they need to be removed and cleaned as well.

As soon as the fountain has been emptied, you can pick any leaves and waste. Get a brush and a bucket of warm soapy water and start scrubbing any algae growths. With the help of a hose rinse the mud and dirt from the fountain. Do not forget to clean the fountain from outside too. To clean the pump, wipe it thoroughly from inside and outside. Wipe down the fountain itself in and out with a soft cloth or a towel to get a shiny look of it. And the final step is to fill the fountain with clean water and add special water chemicals to prevent the development of any algae. Switch it back on and enjoy its cleanliness and beauty.

Following these rules will keep your fountain in good condition and will possibly extend its life.

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