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updated: 04/10/2023

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Studio ApartmentOne of the greatest benefits of living in a small flat is that it requires less time to clean it, but we should not forget the fact that there is not too much storage space in there and the clutter will be something you will have to deal with. Before you start cleaning the studio apartment, make sure you put all the items in their places.

Tidying up

  1. The best will be to store everyday items in drawers and storage cupboards.
  2. Tidy up as much as possible by hanging your garments and put them in the wardrobe.
  3. It will be useful if you have a dedicated space for your shoes possibly a shoe rack with several shelves.
  4. As soon as you do the washing up, dry all dishes and cutlery with a towel and put them in the kitchen cupboards.


  1. Start with cleaning the bathroom. Spray your shower cabin or bath with a detergent and scrub it to remove Easy tips for studio apartment cleaninglime scale and soap scums. Clean the toilet with a suitable toilet cleaner and a brush to remove germs and dirt. At the end clean the basin and polish taps.
  2. Clean the dust with a damp microfibre cloth from all surfaces including the furniture, tables, chairs, window sills and skirting boards.
  3. Clean the kitchen work tops, the appliances and the sink with a sponge and a kitchen cleaner. Rinse the cleaning agent and polish with a dry cloth.
  4. Clean the floor with a vacuum cleaner and mop the hard floor areas.
  5. Do the laundry and hang the garments on a drying rack. They will make your studio flat to smell fresh and clean.
  6. Occasionally you may decide to do a deep cleaning of the flat by moving the furniture and the appliances and cleaning behind them.

You may find these tips useful for cleaning and organising your studio flat as the smaller the living space is, the bigger the clutter is, but if you maintain it clean and tidy it will be a lovely place to live in.

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