Last Minute Cleaning Tips Before Yours Guests Arrive

In many cases when we expect guests, we are busy with our usual daily routine and we do not have the time to get our house ready for the guests. There are few simple tips which you can follow to get your house sparkle before your guests arrive.

Clean your closet

Make your guests enough room to hang their coats by removing any jackets and coats you are not planning to wear while they are at your house. This will remove the clutter and make the impression your house is tidy and have enough space for everything.

Clean the leaves of your indoors plants

Houseplants get dusty even though you might regularly dust your house. Their leaves need to be wiped down from time to time one by one with a damp cloth and you don't want your guests to see your dusty plants, do you? It is a good time to have them cleaned just before your guests come to your house.

Dust around

Have a damp cloth ready to clean picture frames, skirting boards, furniture and electronics. When these surfaces become dusty, the dust is visible and you need to remove it in order to make your house sparkling. Polish all mirrors and glass surfaces including windows.

Polish surfaces

Make all taps and porcelain surfaces in the bathroom shine by polishing them with a cloth. Clean all soap remains and lime scale. Your surfaces will look cleaner and your house will be ready for the guests.

Arrange the table

After you have cooked the food and have opened the windows to remove the smell from the cooking, it is time to set up the table. Get the drinks and the food arranged on the table, together with the plates and the utensils. Polish the glasses and the utensils to make sure all water marks from the washing are gone. It is not very good to have your cutlery stained especially when expecting important people . Make the drinks and the food accessible to the guests as you may have a variety of such, but if you hide them somewhere, your guests will not be able to try them. If your drinks require ice, put some ice on the table as your guests will not help themselves to get ice from the freezer.

Play the music

Having a music not only makes a tone for the party, but it also improves your own mood and the mood of your early guests. At the beginning, keep the volume low so you can hear each other and later when you are in a mood for dancing, increase the volume.

Check the lights

Before your guests are in, check all your light bulbs and replace those which are broken. As soon as the party begins, lower the lighting and lit candles. They make the atmosphere more relaxing and your guests will feel the warmth of your house.

With these last minute cleaning tips you are ready to enjoy the time spent with your family and friends.