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By Nick Vassilev

updated: 11/10/2023

It is not a secret that maintaining a clean and welcoming environment for the customers is very important for pubs Professional carpet cleaning for London pubs and restaurantsand restaurants as there is the place where people relax and they expect to see a nice looking interior. Restaurant owners always try to attract new clients and keep their existing clientele. Having a clean carpet is crucial when it comes to a nice looking pub, bar or a restaurant environment. As customers walk into the premises, it is very likely they notice from the first sight the food and drinks stains that stay on the carpet. As it is a place where staff and customers walk with their shoes, shoe dirt is another issue you need to deal with.

With today’s dynamically changing environment, new challenges appear on the horizon. In the Covid-19 era a restaurant owner is required by law to keep his premises Coronavirus-safe for customers at all times. Just maintaining food hygiene and premises cleanliness doesn’t cut it any more. Extra expenses and extra requirements to get through in an already tightly regulated industry. But when it is a matter of saving lives then no effort is too much. Asking himself the question will deep carpet cleaning can prevent Coronavirus can help him get on top of the cleaning maintenance of his food establishment.

Cleaning the Carpets at Your Restaurant or Pub

To maintain your pub and restaurant carpets clean, one option is to hire a carpet cleaning machine from  your local shop every time you need to wash your carpets. These machines will improve the appearance of your carpets to a certain extent, but they will not be powerful enough for your needs. Usually the restaurants carpets are heavily soiled and they require an extremely powerful machine together with efficient carpet stain and dirt removing solutions.

For your daily cleaning, you also need a powerful vacuum cleaner to lift all dirt from the carpet. If the vacuum cleaner requires vacuum cleaner bags, you need to replace them frequently to keep the suction as robust as possible. When purchasing your commercial vacuum cleaner, you also need to choose one with a rotating brush to suck the dist from the carpet fibres more effectively. Unlike vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaning machines inject water into the carpet and wash the carpet thoroughly and with the help of a powerful mechanism extracts all the dirt and the moisture and leaves your carpet fresh and clean. For any visible stains like red wine, ketchup, coffee, tea, tomatoes and curry, pre-treatment of each stain is required with a suitable chemical. Hiring professional carpet cleaning company London is beneficial not because he will be equipped with all stain removing detergents, but also because he will be knowledgeable and experienced in removing these types of stain.

General Carpet Maintenance Tips

As a general rule for maintaining your restaurant carpet clean, entry mats play a very important role as they absorb a great amount of the dust and dirt accumulated in the customers’ shoes. Another useful tip is to clean a stain as soon as it happens as you will have better chances to remove it completely if you don’t let it stay for long on the floor. If food and crumbs fall on the floor, cleaning them with a brush and a dustpan will prevent them spreading around your pub or a restaurant.

In Conclusion

Hiring a carpet cleaning service on a regular basis is a great saving for your business as it will prolong the life of your pub or restaurant carpet. Replacing carpets because of stains and dirt will be expensive, while applying the right carpet cleaning products and using the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment will really preserve the beauty of your soft floor and will attract your new and existing clients.

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