Top-quality Carpet Cleaning Epsom KT18

Outstanding KT18 Carpet Treatment Since 1998

Anyclean's top-tier carpet cleaners work non-stop in Epsom

What Do We Offer?

  • One-off and regular carpet care for your home
  • Hot water extraction for commercial premises
  • Office carpet treatment and regular upkeep
  • Post-tenancy carpet deep-clean
  • Upholstered furniture steam washing
  • Curtain cleaning
  • State-of-the-art rug cleaning and restoration
  • Mattress cleaning and anti-dust mite treatment


First-class carpet cleaning services in the area of 8PMQ H3 Epsom

Carpet Cleaning With Anyclean - Overview

  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • A team of first-class carpet cleaners
  • Comprehensive range of cleaning methods
  • We work with the best brands of specialised equipment
  • Available seven days per week, all holidays included
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • Safe Contractor certification - health-safe carpet care
  • No long-term or binding contracts
  • No hidden fees or charges
  • Multiple payment options


Call for a Quote - 020 7099 6964

How Much Does It Cost?

 Single bedroom  £20.00
 Double bedroom  £25.00
 Lounge  £27.00
 Hallway  £15.00
 Staircase (up to 12 steps)  £18.00
 Landing  £6.00
 Bathroom  £5.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £15.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £25.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) £40.00

Domestic Carpet Care

Affordable prices and premium quality of performance - Anyclean offers you the best carpet shampoo deals in Epsom! We provide both one-off and regular service packages.

Commercial Steam Washing

Large-scale commercial premises with carpeted floors (restaurants, cafes, stores) pose significant cleaning challenges - we have extensive experience in meeting them!

Office Carpet Cleaning

Our leading NCCA-certified carpet washers work seven days per week to keep the floors in your office in pristine condition! Order a free quote with us on 020 7099 6964!

Upholstery Cleaning

What is the easiest way to keep your upholstered furniture dust-free and clean? Book Anyclean's hassle-free hot water extraction and enjoy the results afterwards!

Area Rug Cleaning

The particular characteristics of the different types of rugs make their cleaning a difficult challenge even for professionals - but Anyclean has the best experts in KT18!

Mattress Cleaning

Dust mites are the most dangerous and common cause of allergies and respiratory problems in your bedroom - get rid of them with our effective steam washing treatment!

What Carpet Care Methods Do We Use?

Hot Water Extraction

If your carpet is heavily soiled and smothered under layers of dust and grime, the deep-clean steam washing is the only effective way to restore it to a health-safe condition.

Spot And Stain Removal

An advanced carpet-care method that allows us to work on a limited area - the concetrated treatment with a powerful solvent will remove even the most persistent stains!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Anyclean offers you the exclusive chance to get first-class carpet cleaning results and use your premises in 3-4 hours! Our VLM method redefines fast carpet treatment!

Scotchgard Protection

The first-class moisture and stain repellent we employ protects your carpet longer and more effectively than almost any other product available on the market in Epsom!

Anti-static Treatment

Though invisible, static electricity is a major problem for modern households and can cause severe problems - unless you book Anyclean's highly effective treatment!

Pet Odour Removal

There is no need to put up with the nasty smell of pet-urine stains - Anyclean's specialised method attacks the problem at its root and removes the soiling at 100%!

Dirt-smothered carpet before hot water extraction in KT18

Your Trusted Carpet Washing Partner

When was the last time you looked at your carpet with a sense of pride because it was perfectly clean, stainless, and comfortably neat? If you can't remember, it is high time you booked a carpet cleaner to restore that precious feeling!
It is a great idea, but how to find the most suitable contractor for your Epsom home or business. Landing on Anyclean's webpage is a good start!
Here is what you have to know about us.

Who Are We?

Anyclean is a London-based carpet cleaning contractor with more than two decades of outstanding professional experience (established 1998). We serve both domestic and commercial customers in the entire M25 perimeter, providing top quality of service at some of the most affordable prices on today's market. 

NCCA-certified Experts

Our carpet-care specialists are among the best-trained and knowledgeable technicians in the industry. Their training includes NCCA-approved theoretical courses, on-site seminars, and extensive practice to acquire the set of skills required for the job. Rest assured, if you have a serious carpet-related problem, we will find the best solution for it!

A 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

"Anyclean always gets the job done!" is the most common opinion among our customers. We have sustained one of the highest standards of performance in the industry, and we do not intend to let it slip! Even the best experts, however, can miss a detail - if you notice any imperfections in the cleaning job, contact us immediately on 020 7099 6964! We will address it right away and send the cleaner to repeat the treatment - FREE OF CHARGE!

Customers' Feedback


"I appreciate the fact that you are always willing to discuss the carpet treatment at lenght and patiently explain what you are doing. Your cleaners are among the friendliest people in your industry I have ever worked with!"

                                                                                                                         Patrick Denby, Derby Arms Rd, Epsom KT18 5LE

Our customers often ask...


How often should I vacuum the carpets?

Anything less than once per week is a total and ineffective waste of time, and twice per week is much better. Do not expect to keep your carpets in top condition with vacuuming alone, however.


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