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updated: 15/10/2023

Even if you are not a homeowner, you will need to maintain external areas clean and tidy. For those who live in flats, the windows are the only area who needs cleaning from outside. Window cleaning is not a complex task for which you need a special education in order to do it, but it also has it’s own tricks. For those who live on the lower levels, doing the window cleaning themselves is not an issue, but for those who live on the upper floors, hiring a window cleaning company is the only option.

When hiring a professional window cleaner, you should explain in advance what window will be cleaned in order to get an exact quote. Because of the diversity of the window cleaning companies in Kenton, you may find different quoted for one and a same task, depending on how big the company is and what equipment they use in order to do the service. Before you go ahead with a company, make sure you have researched who they are and what they do and what insurance policy they hold. Hiring someone who is insured is important if you want to avoid conflicts if anything unforeseen happens. It is also essential to schedule these services in advance and you ask for a confirmation letter of the appointment. Most of the leading companies on the market proceed this way and they may also require some payment in advance.

If you are going to clean the windows yourself, there are many products available which you can use, but if you haven’t cleaned the windows for a long time, you should consider using some soapy water to remove the dirt before you polish them with a proper window cleaner. Another important issue to consider is the material of the cloth you will use for cleaning. The different kinds of materials may have different result on the glass. Many window cleaners prefer to use paper towels or cotton cloths, but others just use newspapers, it is up to you to decide.

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