Top-Rated End Of Tenancy Cleaning Kingsbury NW9

Outstanding Move-out Cleaning Services In NW9

Ten Reasons To Choose Anyclean As Your Post-vacancy Cleaning Provider In NW9

  • We offer the best ratio between price and quality
  • Completely transparent pricing policy, based on fixed rates
  • Multiple payment options
  • Extremely easy to book - you can schedule an appointment in less than ten minutes
  • Pre-booked, as well as short-notice and emergency services
  • The most thorough sanitary treatment you can order in Kingsbury
  • Non-stop availability - including National and Bank Holidays
  • A bullet-proof Insurance and Liability Policy
  • Uncompromising quality control, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction rate
  • The friendliest and most helpful customer support in our business.

Outstanding After-tenancy Cleaning Help By Anyclean - Your Trusted Kingsbury NW9 Partner

Has your landlord ambushed you with too heavy demands on the move-out cleaning? There is no reason to panic - Anyclean will come to the rescue! We are one of the few home cleaning providers in Kingsbury NW9 that provides short-notice and emergency housekeeping help. Most contractors would need at least 2-3 days to plan the procedure - but we have both the experience, the knowledge, and the people to deliver a quick solution to the problem.

Anyclean works with some of the leading domestic cleaning experts in North West London - many of our partners have been in the business for over a decade. They have faced pretty much everything when it comes to stains, dirt and dust smothering or hygienic neglect. Rest assured, regardless of the preliminary condition of your residence, we will deliver results that would satisfy even the most exacting property owner.

So how do you take advantage of this time-saving offer? Just give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and our friendly customer representatives will guide you through the booking process. We promise - you will not worry about a single thing while we unleash our power!

Anyclean's Pricing Policy

How many times have you felt deceived by a service provider that puts one price on their offer and another on your bill? With Anyclean, this is out of the question. Our fixed rates cannot be changed under any circumstances, and since we never charge contract fees, you will only pay for what you get. What is even better, we will give you a precise price quote on your package before you even book us!

Please remember that deep-clean carpet care is not included in our move-out cleaning package. We do offer exclusive discounts on the service, should you require it. All detergents and additional materials are included in the price!

*We will need one parking spot or our vehicles. If your residential building does not have one, parking fees may apply - we will notify you accordingly.

Our Teams Are A Step Ahead Of The Competition

You can hardly find more reliable and better trained cleaning specialists in Kingsbury NW9. Our experts have access to the best professional courses and seminars in the business, provided by some of the UK's leading institutions in the industry like the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the British Window Cleaning Academy. This helps us stay on top of the latest trends in our craft and allows us to find new ways of improving our results.

Apart from their impeccable professionalism, our technicians gain a lot of positive feedback for their easygoing, friendly attitude and great communicative skills. Should you have any questions about the procedure or want to get some tips for better home maintenance - rest assured, we will be glad to share our knowledge with you!

We've Been Busy in Your Area

  • End of tenancy cleaning at Oak Tree Dell, London NW9 0AB.
  • After-lease cleaning at 260 Hool Cl, London NW9 0BT.
  • Move-out cleaning at Coniston Gardens, Kingsbury Green, London NW9 0BA.
  • Post-contract cleaning at Lewgars Ave, London NW9 8AS.

Simplified Service Process For A Hassle-free Customer Experience

Contact Us

Call us today on 020 7099 6964 and get the preliminary price for your post-tenancy treatment service package! Booking an appointment rarely takes more than ten minutes - after that, you can just enjoy your free time and leave all the worries to us. Our customer support centre works:

  • Every day of the working week - 09.00 - 18.00
  • On weekends and holidays - 10.00 - 16.00.

Quality Control

While we have complete faith in the skills of our experts, even the best cleaners might have a bad day. We cannot, however, allow any lapses in our service delivery - this is not the way to sustain 100% customer satisfaction rate. Anyclean assigns special quality control supervisors to make sure all tasks and results comply with the operative guidelines of the company. We also pay great attention to your feedback and requirements - if either you or your landlords are not happy with the final results, our team will come back to re-clean the problematic spots, completely free of charge!

Beneficial For Property Owners

We will get in touch with your landlords and talk with them about their preferences and expectations from the procedure. We also invite them to join us during our final inspections, so that if they have any misgivings about the results, we can address them immediately.

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How much does it cost to clean a 2 bedroom apartment?

Anyclean's basic price starts from £170.00. It may be adjusted to the peculiar requirements and features of the residence.

Do tenants have to pay for professional cleaning?

When you move out of your leased residence, you are expected to perform a thorough deep-clean treatment before you leave. Many property owners insert a clause in the contract, defining that the cleaning must be performed by a professional contractor.

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

You can check our comprehensive sanitary checklist above. Anyclean offers one of the most thorough post-lease deep-clean treatments, available on the market.

What Does Our Service Package Include?

When you sign up for our services, the first thing we do is to check your tenancy contract for guidelines about the after-vacancy treatment of the residence. If there aren't any, we will get in touch with the property owners for further details. In most cases, our approach is to be as thorough as possible - we clean every corner, every item, and every stain until your former home is in pristine hygienic condition.

Kitchen chores

  • We deep-clean the stove and the oven, removing any stains, grease or rust
  • We thoroughly clean the fridge from the inside and out
  • We perform a detailed treatment of the dishwasher, removing any scale or rust and disinfecting it
  • We clean all utensils and appliances, including the toaster, mixer, microwave oven, coffee machine, etc.
  • We dust all drawers and cupboards
  • We clean and polish the sink and taps
  • We clean all cooking surfaces and counter tops
  • We clean and disinfect all recycle bins and restock them with disposable plastic bags
  • We throw out any food products or beverages left behind.

Bathroom chores

  • We clean and sanitise the floor
  • We clean the toilet and apply a powerful anti-bacteria detergent
  • We scrub and polish the wall tiles
  • We clean the tile grout and remove any mould spots
  • We clean and polish the bathtub and the shower cabin
  • We clean all bathroom vanities, including shelves, drawers, mirrors, sink, taps, shower curtains, etc.

General chores

  • We vacuum clean the entire residence, paying special attention to the bedroom mattresses and the upholstered furniture
  • We clean and polish all windows from inside
  • We clean and sanitise all floors, depending on the floor covering type
  • We move all light furniture (chairs, armchairs, stools, ottomans, coffee tables) and dust underneath
  • We dust all window sills, handles, shutters, curtains, and blinds
  • We clean all backboards, door frames and handles
  • We dust all ceiling fans, air conditioners, and ventilation systems
  • We clean and polish all metal, wooden, plastic, and glass surfaces
  • We dust all shelves and drawers
  • We dispose of all waste and garbage.

What Do Our Customers Have To Say About The Service?

"If you want the best quality for the money you pay, book Anyclean - I speak from a first-hand experience!"

Pamela A.

"For some reason, the windows of my flat always got dirty and I never managed to keep them clean for longer than a couple of days. But the Anyclean guys gave me some really interesting tips that I plan to try at my new place - judging by their results, they know what they are talking about."

Jasmine B.

"I have never been much of a cleaner, so this move-out treatment stuff caught me by surprise. If it weren't for my sister-in-law who recommended Anyclean, I would probably still be at a loss of how to deal with the problem."

Mitch B.