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All through West London, there are all sorts of businesses of all sorts, some tucked away and others very noticeable to the point of being neighbourhood landmarks. Some involve light manufacturing, some involve retail, some involve business-to-business services and some provide something else altogether. However, all of these businesses in Western London have something in common: the premises need a little attention in the form of cleaning now and again.

Anyclean knows the cleaning needs of all types of businesses, which is why we provide a very wide range of West London office cleaning services. We are very flexible as well as having a passion for and commitment to excellence and customer service. For example, we let you pick the type of office cleaning service you need and pick how often you want one of our professionals to come in and do it – whether you want regular scheduled services or just a one-off.

All of our work is covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and also by our full public liability insurance policy. What’s more, all of our employees have passed a police background check as well as an English proficiency test, and they are all reliable certified keyholders. In other words, you can trust Anyclean to get the job done in more senses than one.

Please read on or spend some time exploring our website if you want to know more about our West London office cleaning services (or call our customer helpline if you can’t find the information you need here – we’re happy to answer your questions). Or simply get in touch with us and make a booking!

What Cleaning Service

Anyclean has an extensive team of experts providing a wide range of office cleaning services, including:

  • daily office cleaning services
  • deep cleaning and spring cleaning for offices
  • moving in and moving out cleans
  • builder’s cleans
  • washroom cleaning
  • carpet cleaning (including mat and rug cleaning, and stain removals)
  • upholstery cleaning
  • specialist computer equipment cleans
  • waste removal
  • commercial window cleaning

With all of our West London office cleaning services, you get to pick the schedule when you want things done. Need a daily cleaner? A weekly cleaner? Weekly mat and carpet cleaning? Fortnightly window cleaning? It’s no problem at all for us and we can fit into your schedule. On top of this, if the scheduled day for your regular office clean happens to fall on a public holiday, you won’t get charged an extra fee but you will still get your office cleaned to perfection. You also don’t get charged extra for cleaning work carried out in the weekends or in the evenings – after all, these are the best times for cleaning for many Western London businesses.

We can send any of our team members out to any type of business anywhere in London’s West, including: West End, Soho, Paddington, Acton, Chiswick, Ealing, Hammersmith, Hanwell, Kensington, Maida Vale, North Kensington, Notting Hill, Shepherds Bush, West Ealing and West Kensington.

Please get in touch with us to find out more or if you want to make a booking for any of our services.

Where Can You Find Us

We cover the entire West London area, offering premium-quality:

Office cleaning Bayswater W2Office cleaning Holland Park W8
Office cleaning Paddington W2Office cleaning Kensington W8
Office cleaning Acton W3Office cleaning Maida Vale W9
Office cleaning Chiswick W4Office cleaning Notting Hill W11
Office cleaning Ealing W5Office cleaning Shepherds Bush W12
Office cleaning Hammersmith W6Office cleaning Hounslow TW3
Office cleaning Hanwell W7Office cleaning Brentford TW8


Bathroom Cleaning Services

If there’s one part of any business that needs to be cleaned regularly, it’s the bathroom and washroom areas. This is especially the case if your workplace employs a lot of people or if you have members of the public coming through frequently. Nobody wants to see, use or smell a badly cleaned bathroom. This is why our dedicated bathroom and washroom cleans are some of Anyclean’s most popular West London office cleaning services.

No matter how big or small your bathroom areas are, our team members can take care of the myriad of jobs that need to be done there, from removing hair from the plugholes of shower facilities to scrubbing out urinals. For example, a typical bathroom clean is likely to involve:

  • wiping down sinks, benches and shower areas
  • disinfecting and scrubbing toilets and urinals inside and out
  • cleaning mirrors
  • emptying rubbish bins
  • sweeping and mopping floors
  • dealing with obvious mess
  • topping up supplies of consumables such as liquid soap, paper towels and toilet paper
  • cleaning out grouting

There’s no need to put up with the risks or the unpleasantness involved in a dirty bathroom area, especially when it’s so easy to call in a specialist from Anyclean to get the job(s) done for you. Please give us a call if you want to book in a bathroom cleaner or if you have any questions about this or any other of our West London office cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets in business premises are a lot more public than any carpet you have in your home. For one thing, a lot more people see the carpets (and mats and rugs and upholstery), so it’s important to keep up appearances… especially in the prestigious areas in the West of London! Secondly, more people mean more feet in shoes walking all over the carpets – shoes that have been all over the parks and pavements of Western London before getting to your workplace. This means that carpets in workplaces need to be cleaned more often than the carpets in your home do.

Anyclean prides itself in its carpet cleaning team and we are full members of the National Carpet Cleaners’ Association (NCCA). All of our team members have been trained to NCCA standards and we can use a range of methods for getting the carpets in your W London workplace looking and smelling their best, including dry cleaning using the HOST system and bonnet buffing as well as traditional carpet shampooing.

As well as general carpet cleaning services for businesses in Western London, we also provide stain removal services. Spills and mishaps happen at work, just like they do at home. All stains need to be dealt with as soon as possible, which is why Anyclean provides emergency stain treatment, including next day and same day services. We can deal with all of the tough stains, ranging from coffee spills and red wine spills (and other office party mishaps!) through to printer toner and grease. We’ve seen it all and we don’t judge! We just get the mess of your carpets with the minimum of fuss and bother.

If you have a stain on the carpets of your West London carpets, mats or upholstery, please CALL US NOW to get it treated before it sets. Or call us to arrange for carpet shampooing or dry carpet cleaning for your Western London business premises.

Specialist Computer Equipment Cleans

Most, if not all, businesses have some sort of electronic equipment. It’s pretty much a given in the modern working world. Like other equipment, computers, peripherals and other electronics need to be cleaned. This is especially important from a workplace health perspective, as high-touch items that are used by a range of people – which tend to be electronic things – are the places that host and spread a lot of bacteria and viruses. On top of this, equipment that’s got a bit grubby doesn’t work as well – think of what dirty monitor looks like or a smeared photocopier bed.

Electronic equipment can be pretty tricky to clean properly, which is why Anyclean has a dedicated and trained team for exactly this specialist task as part of our West London office cleaning services. Whether you want your computers and peripherals cleaned on a regular basis or just as a one-off, we can take care of it, whether all you want is the dust out of your CPU units and keyboards, or whether you want interactive whiteboards, photocopiers and projectors cleaned thoroughly.

Please get in touch with us if you want to know more or if you want to book in a specialist electronic equipment clean.

What Customers Say

“Very reliable service every time we want our carpets cleaned. The guy always turns up on time and gets on with the job, and doesn’t cost the earth. So I’d recommend your company to anybody.”—Carl H.