Affordable Window Cleaning Westminster

First-class Window Washing Partner In Westminster



  • One-off and regular domestic cleaning
  • Commercial and office window cleaning
  • High-rise window treatment and facade maintenance
  • Reach & Wash window washing
  • BWCA-certified technicians
  • Best quality for the money you pay in Westminster
  • No detergents or risks of damage to your property
  • Available seven days per week
  • Comprehensive Public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • 100% quality satisfaction guarantee
  • Established in 1998.



Top-tier window cleaning company located near FVW6 86 London
First-class Westminster window cleaning company located near FVW6 86 London

The Team That Works For Your Comfort

It consists of fully vetted and reference-checked professionals with an impeccable reputation among Westminster business executives and property managers. We understand the ever-changing nature of our industry and strive to keep pace with the latest trends and innovations. All our cleaners have been trained according to the highest standards of the British Window Cleaning Academy (BWCA), which has earned us its highly coveted Stamp of Approval.
As far as professional accreditation is concerned, you should keep in mind that Anyclean:

  • Is a fully certified Safe Contractor, operating within the latest COSHH rules and regulations
  • Is a long-term member of the British Institute for Cleaning Science and the Guild of Master Craftsmen
  • Has been certified by the British Assessment Bureau as a top ISO:9001 and OHSAS:18001 company.


Our Cleaning Portfolio - Overview

Anyclean adjusts to the profile of each London area we serve. Since Westminster is the administrative and corporate heart of London, our portfolio centres around the treatment of:

  • Interior and exterior office windows
  • Commercial space glass surfaces
  • Atriums and glass domes
  • Window displays
  • Glass fronts
  • High-rise window cleaning.
  • We also provide thorough sanitary facade maintenance for administrative, corporate, and commercial buildings.



Exterior window washing in SW1 by Anyclean
Westminster high-rise window cleaning

The Benefits Of Choosing Anyclean


  • A team of perfectly trained, competent, experienced, and trustworthy technicians
  • The best return on your sanitary investment - we offer exclusive special deals and discounts for regular bookings
  • A 100% quality satisfaction guarantee, backed up by meticulous operative control and supervision
  • A customer-friendly pricing policy - open-ended contracts, multiple and safe payment methods, free quotes
  • The Anyclean technicians work extended hours, 365 days in the year - including Bank and National Holidays
  • We have one of the most comprehensive and diversified cleaning portfolios in the industry (see below)
  • A bullet-proof Public Insurance and Liability policy - your property is fully covered
  • Our team excels in risk assessment and safety management, even for the most challenging high-rise cleaning tasks
  • We operate with the best brands of window cleaning equipment, available in the UK (Unger, Ionic)
  • Anyclean has an impeccable professional reputation, sustained over a twenty-year period.


How Much Does Window Cleaning Cost With Anyclean?

Is it possible to pay less and sustain the same excellent level in presentability and sanitary conditions? Our answer is a resounding YES! There is no need to cut on your window cleaning package or make compromises to fit under your spending cap. You just have to be more efficient with your sanitary budget - and this is precisely what we allow you to do.
Anyclean's pricing model is simple - we only charge you for the procedures we deliver. Wait, isn't that obvious? Not really - a majority of the Westminster contractors will offer you prepaid packages or service plans at a fixed price. In most of the cases, you do not really know what you pay for, and you are stuck with a set of procedures that may be totally unsuitable for your premises. We take the opposite approach - our consultants will discuss at length your preferences and requirements, and design a tailor-made package that adjusts to them perfectly. 
We take into account everything - your location, the exposure to car and pedestrian traffic, the total square footage of the glass surfaces for treatment, and the required frequency of visits. Then, we can break down the numbers and come up with a detailed pricing offer - do not be shocked if it is significantly more advantageous than the fee you pay right now!

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020 7099 6964

Depending on your location, we can offer you the following service plans:

  • Street-level window cleaning - suitable for boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafes, and all premises on the ground floor. We prefer to work manually whenever possible (squeegee and blade polish) - thus we can treat every square inch of the designated area for treatment and address even microscopic blemishes on the glass surface. Since Westminster is one of the London areas with the highest levels of air pollution and car traffic, we strongly suggest you book us for weekly or even daily visits.
  • Upper-floor window cleaning - our technicians take full advantage of the Ionic Reach & Wash equipment operative range (70 feet). We can perform hassle-free and safe procedures on building facades, large glass fronts and store windows, interior atriums and high domes. 
  • High-rise window cleaning - our crews have extensive experience in operating abseiling-rope systems, window cleaning stages (suspended scaffolds), and cradles to gain access to any spot on the facade of your administrative, corporate or commercial building. Let our results speak for themselves - one visit will convince you Anyclean is the best partner you can trust with your building facade sanitary maintenance.

Established in 1998, Anyclean has been among the premium commercial and office window cleaning contractors in Central and South West London. We have worked in some of the capital's most iconic and recognisable buildings and institutions - including administrative units, corporate and financial entities, world-renowned commercial and retail brands, restaurants, etc. Anyclean stays true to the basic principles that have turned it into a window cleaning juggernaut - hard work, attention to detail, operative improvement, and reacting to our customers' demands in a positive and efficient way.

We have assembled a team of top-notch specialists with a bullet-proof BWCA accreditation and long years of experience in the field. Whenever you need a one-off or regular glass treatment, they are at your disposal - the fact that we have extended working hours and operate seven days per week all throughout the year means you can schedule an appointment that suits your timetable without the usual hassle and compromises. Another major advantage is our punctuality and time management - our crews work exceptionally well under pressure and are used to meeting the tightest of deadlines.

Should you have any health or eco-related concerns, let us ease them right away - our team is a strong proponent of "green cleaning", i.e. working with organic materials only. Our squeegee dust and polish procedures require nothing but pure water, and the results remain more than impressive. The same applies to Anyclean's Reach & Wash procedures - the carbon-fibre optic poles employ clean water and no detergents whatsoever for the safest and fastest sanitary treatment for glass surfaces out of manual scope. 
If you feel like your business can profit from this offer, give us a call on 020 7099 6964, and let's discuss how to put our knowledge and skills to the best of your advantage! Please remember, all Anyclean preliminary consultations and pricing quotes are FREE OF CHARGE and non-binding! You can get all the information you need for our portfolio before committing to a working relationship with us!