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updated: 05/10/2023

OK, You Own a Boat Cool Guy

Boat CleaningOwning a boat is not very common among the average people, but there is a certain number of people who can afford it. Boat is a kind of an investment same as the property (a bit riskier, if you ask me but still quite attractive thing to do) and it also requires a regular weekly cleaning. To make your boat sparkling, it needs to be maintained clean and tidy. There is no such a pleasure to go out for a trip in the sea and have the boat in a perfectly clean condition. Even if you don’t travel the seas and oceans your floating home can be your pride and joy when while moored on the Thames in London’s trendy Chelsea neighbourhood.

How To Clean Your Boat Yourself

To clean your boat yourself, you need to get some cleaning materials which different than the cleaning materials used for house cleaning. Most of the boats are made of fibreglass and this materials should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals and rough tools as it might be damaged. Instead, use specialised boat cleaning materials which will maintain the surfaces of your boat clean without being damaged. The more you look after your boat, the longer it will remain shiny and look the same way as you bought it.

What Do You Need

Microfibre cloths, glass cleaner, boat polisher a bucket, a mop and a vacuum cleaner are just some of the cleaning materials you will need to have on your boat. To clean the boat externally, you will also need a pressure washer and a soft brush. Manufacturers recommend cleaning the boat from outside after each trip if the water is very salty as the salt might be harmful for your boat. After cleaning it with a proper shampoo and rinse it with clean water, the boat needs to be dried and polished. The wax protects the boat for a certain time and waxing should be applied at least twice a year.

Cleaning The Interior

To clean the interior of the boat, you will need a soft cloth and a boat cleaning solution. Vacuuming is also essential for reducing the amount of the dust and bacteria. If the floor is carpeted, you need to arrange it to be shampooed at least once in the year. For the hard floors, mopping will be sufficient to get it cleaned. Any upholstery, curtains and table cloths need to be washed regularly in order to maintain them clean and smell fresh.
These tips will help you maintain your boat in a good condition which is a necessity for every boat owner.

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