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Excellent Carpet Washing Results For Your W4 Home And Business

We have been helping our Chiswick customers with the maintenance of their carpets for over twenty years

What Services Do We Provide?

  • One-off, regular, and after-tenancy home carpet cleaning
  • Industrial-grade carpet washing for local businesses
  • Office carpet upkeep packages
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration
  • Curtain steam washing
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning and stain removal
  • Mattress cleaning and anti-dust mite treatment


Excellent carpet care services near FPMR FJ London, United Kingdom

How Much Does Our Carpet Treatment Cost?


 Single bedroom  £25.00
 Double bedroom  £30.00
 Lounge  £37.00
 Hallway  £18.00
 Flight of stairs (up to 14 steps)  £30.00
 Landing  £10.00
 Bathroom  £10.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £25.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £37.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) from £45.00
Prices are subject to VAT and valid for postcodes within M25. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply. Minimum spend £60.

The leading carpet care contractor in the area of FPRM FR London, United Kingdom

The Benefits Of Booking Anyclean


  • Money Back guarantee
  • A team of NCCA-certified and perfectly trained technicians
  • Competitive prices with no hidden fees or charges
  • We work with some of the best brands of professional equipment, available on the market - Host, Prochem, RotoVac, Karcher
  • You can book us seven days per week, National and Bank Holidays included
  • A comprehensive public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • Uncompromising quality control
  • Outstanding results for stain removal and anti-bacterial treatment
  • Same-day appointments available in case of emergency

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Domestic Carpet Washing

Book the most effective carpet-care service packages in Hammersmith and get rid of the dirt smothering, stains, and mould spots for good! Top quality guaranteed by Anyclean!

Commercial Carpet Care

Our packages are suitable for all types of commercial premises with carpeted floors - Anyclean offers top-quality results and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Office Carpet Maintenance

Keep the discolouring, dust smothering, and coffee stains at bay with the most effective carpet-care service in W4 - specially designed for office and corporate premises!

Area Rug Cleaning

We treat both natural and synthetic fibre rugs, regardless of type of country of origin. No transportation or contract fees - get the best rug cleaning deals in Chiswick!

Mattress Washing

We will steam-wash your mattress, removing any trace of dust mites or other nasty allergens - within fifteen minutes, your bedroom will be as health-safe as ever!

Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture and curtains require regular attention too! Provide it by booking the most reliable steam washing specialists in W4 with Anyclean!

What Have We Cleaned Lately In Chiswick?


  • Mattress steam washing and dust mites removal at Thornton Avenue, Chiswick London W4 1QQ.
  • Regular house carpet shampoo at Cleveland Avenue, Chiswick London W4 1SN.
  • Office carpets deep-clean treatment at Woodstock Rd, Chiswick London W4 1UE.
  • Ottoman rugs washing and colour revival at Blenheim Rd, Chiswick London W4 1UB.

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What Carpet Cleaning Techniques Do We Use?

Hot Water Extraction

What can possibly remove every bacterium, germ, and speck of dust even as deep as the carpet pad? Our combination of injected steam and a biodegradable compound!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Anyclean offers you the exclusive chance to get first-class carpet cleaning results and use your premises in 3-4 hours! Our VLM method redefines fast carpet treatment!

Spot And Stain Removal

Your carpets are in good condition, except for the irritating persistent stains you cannot remove. Do not worry, Anyclean has the perfect instant solution to the problem!

Scotchgard Protection

Our excellent stain and humidity repellent puts an invisible defence over your carpet, keeping the mould spots away longer than most other products on the market!

Anti-static Carpet Treatment

Do not let static electricity cause havoc among the home appliances - we have to tools and the skills to remove it for good in minutes! 100% efficiency guaranteed!

Pet Odour Removal

Having a pet in your household does not mean that you have to put up with the urine stains and unpleasant smell - our top service deals with both issues at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Clean My Carpets While I Am At Work?

Yes, of course. You can leave a set of keys to your neighbour, porter or letting/estate agent. Please provide the contact details where we have to pick up the keys from including a name and a telephone number. We will collect the keys, do the job and then return the keys to the initial collection address or post them back through the letterbox.
Please note that we may charge you £20.00+VAT if keys have to be picked up from a different postcode.
We insist that you are present at the time of completion so you can inspect the results and pay any outstanding balances to the carpet cleaner.

How do I know if my carpet has mould?

It is tough to miss it for anything else. At the first sight of these troubling signs, get in touch with a professional carpet cleaner immediately:

  • Yellow-brownish (or green) small spots on the carpet surface, usually close to the corners.
  • Unpleasant, pungent smell.
  • Certain spots on the carpets become unpleasant to touch - moisty and slimy.

How long will it take to clean my carpets professionally?

It depends on their condition, but we usually require about 25-30 minutes per room.

How often should I vacuum the carpets?

Anything less than once per week is a total and ineffective waste of time, and twice per week is much better. Do not expect to keep your carpets in top condition with vacuuming alone, however.



"Thank you for the great job you did in my living room - both on the carpets and the furniture set. For anybody out there with cleaning problems - trust Anyclean! They are as good as advertised."

                                                                                                                                              P. Gareth, Wellock Rd, Chiswick, London W4 1DZ

Did You Know That...?


  • The name "Chiswick" is of Old English origin meaning "Cheese Farm" and originates from the riverside meadows and farms that are thought to have supported an annual cheese fair on Dukes Meadows up until the 18th century. Chiswick was first recorded c.1000 as Ceswican.

Why Not Treat Your Chiswick Home to Freshly Cleaned Carpets - Call us Now!

  • The name “Chiswick” is of Old English origin, meaning “cheese farm”. The name comes from the riverside meadows and farms which are thought to have organised an annual cheese fair on the side of Dukes Meadows.
  • Chiswick Town Hall is a listed building which has two halls, an Old Council Chamber a committee room and a meeting room, which are all available for hire. Chiswick Town Hall is the perfect venue for sophisticated wedding receptions, parties, dances, sales and fairs. There are also a number of community events and various activities organised in the Hall.
  • Chiswick Business Park is a public garden within a major new development. Situated at 566 Chiswick High Road in West London W4, the park has two clearly defined spaces which are called inner garden, and outer landscape. The inner garden is an elevated space situated in the centre of the park, while the outer landscape is a simple and functional design which includes a car parking, the park boundaries, and the arterial passes between the buildings.

Chiswick is a great choice for schools. This large suburb of West London has a very high concentration of quality primary schools and independent junior schools, located in or around the area. These include:

  • St Mary’s RC Junior and Infant School, located in Duke Road, Chiswick W4.
  • Belmond Primary School, in Belmond Road.
  • Southfield Primary School, located in Southfield Road, Bedford Park W4.
  • Grove Park Primary School, in Nightingale Close, Chiswick.
  • William Hogarth, a primary school situated in the centre of Chiswick, in Duke Rd.
  • Cavendish Primary School, in Edensor Rd, Chiswick Rd.
  • St. Peter’s Primary, in St Peter’s Road, Hammersmith.
  • Strand-on-the-Green Junior School, a mixed sex junior school located in Thames Road, Chiswick.
  • Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School, a mixed sex school for children aged 4-8 for boys and 4-11 for girls. The school is located in Priory House, Chiswick W4.
  • The Falcons Pre-Prep School, a school for boys aged 3-8, located at 2 Burnaby Gardens.
  • The Falcon School For Girls aged 3-11, located at 5 Gunnersbury Avenue.
  • Kew College, school for boys and girls aged 3-11, located in Cumberland Road.
  • Ravenscourt Park Prep School, founded in 1991 it is a school for boys and girls aged 4-11, and located at Ravenscourt Avenue.
  • Heathfield House School. It is an independent preparatory school for boys and girls aged 3-11. The school is situated in Turnham Green Church Hall, Chiswick W4.
  • Orchard House School. Mixed sex school for children aged 3-11, located at 16 Newton Grove.

Notable people related with the area of Chiswick W4 include:

  • Actress Kate Beckinsale was born in Chiswick, in 1973.
  • Writer, humanitarian and global warming campaigner Louise Olivian Burfitt-Dons (born 1953), lives in Chiswick.
  • Politician and former athlete Sebastian Newborn Coe, Baron Coe, was born in Chiswick in 1956.
  • Film director and producer Simon Curtis (born 1960) lives in Chiswich W4.
  • Painter Montague Dawson (1895-1973) was born in Chiswick.
  • Musician, airline pilot and broadcaster Bruce Dickinson (born 1958), who is best known as the singer of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden lives in Chiswick.
  • Actor and film producer Hugh Grant (1960) grew up in Chiswick.
  • Television presenter Kate Humble (1968), who lived in Chiswick between 1997 and 2010.


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