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Ten Reasons Why We Are The Best South Kensington Move-Out Cleaning Provider

  • Almost twenty years of professional experience
  • Outstanding reputation among tenants and landlord all around South West London
  • The most competitive price rates in SW7 - best ROI guaranteed!
  • Multiple payment options and easy to book 
  • Fully trained, experienced, and highly skilled technicians
  • A thorough and detailed sanitary treatment approach that covers all hygienic issues of your former home
  • 100% commitment to excellence, backed up by uncompromising quality control
  • A bullet-proof Insurance and Liability Policy
  • Anyclean provides not only pre-booked but emergency cleaning help as well
  • Friendly and highly efficient customer support.

Move-out Cleaning Help Needed In South Kensington - Why Book Anyclean?

Detailed clear-our cleaning services in South Kensington

You have an after-vacancy cleaning procedure coming up? This is not a reason to panic, on the contrary - Anyclean can help you faster than you can imagine! Our detailed procedure task list that you see above is a good proof of that. Anyclean's premium service packages make sure all hygienic problems of your former residence are addressed properly, with the required levels of care and professional skill. And what is even better - you do not need to invest a small fortune on the procedure, on the contrary - our rates are among the most competitive you can find on the South Kensington service market.

We have been in the home maintenance and housekeeping business since 1998 - years of hard work, gaining invaluable knowledge and the respect of a large group of satisfied customers and property owners in South West London. We work with a team of thoroughly reliable, skilled specialists who deliver excellent results under all sorts of pressure - tight deadlines, sanitary challenges and demanding landlords. But challenges we relish, and never come short of our own high expectations.

If you are impressed by our offer, feel free to call us on 020 7099 6964 and find out more about the multiple ways we can help you. Anyclean is at your disposal seven days per week, all throughout the year!

Our Prices

Let's talk numbers. You are worried that the post-vacancy treatment would cost you a fortune - trust us, most people do. At Anyclean, we give you a chance to check your preliminary price quote before you decide whether you want to book us or not. How is that even possible? We have adopted a system of fixed standard rates that take into account the number of rooms in the residence. But what about the duration of the procedure? Let this be our concern, not yours. Our teams excel in time management and will not spend a minute longer than necessary for delivering the results we promise.

  • All detergents and additional materials are included in the price. We need only running water and electricity to run our machines.
  • Our teams require one parking spot for the teams' vehicles. If your residential building does not have one, additional fees may apply - we will notify you accordingly.
  • Deep-clean carpet care is not included in the end of tenancy cleaning package. Anyclean can offer you amazing discounts on the service.

Our Teams Are A Cleaning Juggernaut

We like to think of ourselves as a well-oiled machine that does not stop until we get the job done. This result-oriented attitude has helped us become one of the most efficient service providers in the business, and deliver premium quality on a permanent basis.

The second cornerstone of our success is the meticulous training each of our cleaners receives before they join our staff. Anyclean works with the UK's most prestigious institutions in our industry - the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the British Window Cleaning Academy - to keep its experts up to date with the latest trends in the craft. Rest assured, when you book us you will get a quality that is comparable to the absolute best in London. 

Anyclean's Latest Cleaning Appointments Around South Kensington

  • Post-contract cleaning at Gloucester Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 4SZ.
  • After-vacancy cleaning at Wetherby Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 4ND.
  • End of tenancy cleaning at Clareville St, South Kensington, London SW7 5AJ.
  • Clear-out cleaning at Brechin Pl, South Kensington, London SW7 4QB.

Simplified Service Process For A Hassle-free Customer Experience

How Do You Book A Quote With Anyclean?

There are two ways of booking an appointment with us. You can send us an email via the Contact form, including your details, and we will get back to you ASAP. For more urgent cases, call us on 020 7099 6964 - our customer representatives will schedule your appointment within 5-10 minutes. Anyclean's support centre is available:

  • From Monday to Friday - 09.00 - 18.00.
  • On weekends and holidays - 10.00 - 16.00. 

Quality Control

We have complete and utter faith in the skills of our specialists. But we understand our customers and the property owners need something more palpable. Therefore, we include a quality supervisor in every team, whose single task is to oversee the results of the entire process. With a detailed, comprehensive spreadsheet in hand, these former cleaners are uncompromising when it comes to quality control and force the cleaners to do their best effort.

Beneficial For Property Owners

It may be you that order the move-out cleaning procedure, but it is your property owners that have the best interest in the outcome. Keeping this in mind, we always get in touch with them to specify what their expectations might be. But including them in the service process does not stop there - when our quality supervisors do the final check-ups, we always invite the landlords to join us. Should there be any problems, we can address them immediately - all additional procedures are free of charge!

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How much does an end of lease clean cost?

We determine the price of your tenancy cleaning package by the number of rooms for treatment. For more precise quotes, get in touch with us on 020 7099 6964.

What does an end of tenancy clean include?

You can check our comprehensive sanitary checklist above. Anyclean offers one of the most thorough post-lease deep-clean treatments, available on the market.

Can I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

It depends on your tenancy contract and the preferences of your landlords. Some property owners require that a professional company does the cleaning, or it is explicitly mentioned in the contract.

Who pays for carpet cleaning - tenant or landlord?

The tenant does. Please notice that carpet cleaning is not included in most end of tenancy cleaning packages, and you have to notify the contractor that you want to include the procedure.

Our Comprehensive Task Sheet At A Glance

Anyclean's end of tenancy cleaning approach is to be as thorough as possible. We do not concentrate only on high-traffic areas or the utensils and furniture pieces you use the most. Instead, we try to treat every square inch within our reach and pay attention to spots that often get neglected in your daily or weekly brush-up. Here is a quick overview of the chores our teams usually take care of.

General sanitary treatment

  • Indoor window cleaning
  • Vacuum cleaning of all rooms, including the upholstered furniture and the bedroom mattresses
  • Dusting of all window sills, shutters, blinds, and curtains
  • Dusting of all shelves and drawers
  • Cleaning of all backboards, door frames and handles
  • Moving of all light furniture (stools, ottomans, armchairs, chairs, coffee tables), and dusting underneath
  • Dusting of all ceiling fans, air-conditioners, and ventilation systems
  • Cleaning and polishing of all glass, metal, wooden, and plastic surfaces
  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Garbage and waste removal.

Kitchen sanitary treatment

  • Dusting of all cupboards and drawers
  • Cleaning and polishing of the counter tops and all cooking surfaces
  • Polishing of the kitchen sink and taps
  • Cleaning of all appliances and utensils, including coffee machine, microwave oven, mixer, toaster, etc.
  • Stove and oven deep-clean, removing of any accumulated grease, rust or stains
  • Thorough fridge cleaning - from the inside and out
  • Sanitising of all waste bins, restocking them with disposable plastic bags
  • Disposal of any beverages and food products left behind.

Bathroom sanitary treatment

  • Floor cleaning and sanitising
  • Toilet cleaning and anti-bacteria treatment
  • Shower cabin/ bathtub cleaning and polishing
  • Tile grout cleaning and mould spots removal
  • Wall tiles scrubbing and polishing
  • Thorough bathroom vanities cleaning, including mirrors, shelves, drawers, sink, taps, shower curtains, etc.

What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

"Given your prices, Anyclean does not have a real competition in South Kensington - your deals are by far the best in the area!"

Lincoln M.

"I have never imagined that my flat could look so clean and ordered. Yes, all the stuff was packed, and the place looked emptier, but what the Anyclean team did was nothing short of spectacular. Respect!"

Michael G.

"Anyclean is the perfect blend of easygoing attitude and thoroughly professional performance - a combination very few companies can provide!"

Abygail C.