Premium Quality End Of Tenancy Cleaning Worcester Park KT4

Highly Effective After-vacancy Cleaning In KT4

Why Should You Book Us As Your Move Out Cleaning Contractor? 

  • Excellent cleaning crews of knowledgeable experts
  • 20+ years of experience in the industry
  • One of the most comprehensive tenancy cleaning checklists in the industry
  • You can book us even on Bank and National Holidays
  • We provide same-day and emergency bookings
  • Fixed prices with no hidden fees
  • Free quotes available 24/7 via email
  • 100% customer satisfaction rate - we always get the job done
  • Strict quality control for your complete peace of mind

What Makes Our Worcester Park Crews So Effective? 

All our technicians go through a meticulous training programme that teaches them the basics of housekeeping both practically and theoretically. Then they have to pass on-site practice tests before we assign them to one of our task-force teams. Thus the cleaning squads we send to your home are the perfect blend of experience and new energy, between routine and youthful drive.

But the initial training is the first step toward excellence. Even our most experienced experts, people who have been in the business for over a decade, train and hone their skills on a permanent basis. With the help of our partners from the National Carpet Cleaners Association and the British Window Cleaning Academy, we give our staff access to the most advanced educational courses in the country.

Anyclean's Most Recent Cleaning Jobs In KT4 

  • End of tenancy cleaning at Browning Ave, Worcester Park KT4 8AZ.
  • After-vacancy cleaning at Avondale Ave, Worcester Park KT4 7PD.
  • Same-day move out cleaning at The Avenue, Worcester Park KT4 7HU.
  • Checkout cleaning at Sherbrooke Way, Worcester Park KT4 8BN.

Simplified Service Process For A Hassle-free Customer Experience

How Do You Book A Quote With Anyclean?

This will probably be the easiest thing to do during the entire transition period! All it takes is to call us on 020 7099 6964 - give us your address, the number of rooms in the residence, and your preferred date for our visit, and you are all set! Our customer representatives will take it from there and plan all the details for you. Alternatively, you can use the Contact form and fill in the mentioned info - the process is pretty much the same.

Quality Control

The easiest way to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction is to uphold the strictest quality control throughout every single task our cleaners perform. We assign a quality supervisor for all cleaning teams, regardless of their record of performance. Thus Anyclean makes sure the service you receive complies with our promise of excellence.

Beneficial For Property Owners

Before we get to the cleaning, we always meet with your landlord or housing company to work out their specific requirements. In our experience, this can save both sides a lot of time and nerves.

Local Leaders In End Of Tenancy Cleaning 

Anyclean provides its top-tier London tenancy cleaning services in the neighbouring areas as well:

Anyclean covers the entire area within a 3-mile radius around the local train station at Worcester Park KT4 7NB, United Kingdom


How much does it cost to clean a 2 bedroom apartment?

Anyclean's basic price starts from £170.00. It may be adjusted to the peculiar requirements and features of the residence.

Who pays for carpet cleaning - tenant or landlord?

The tenant does. Please notice that carpet cleaning is not included in most end of tenancy cleaning packages, and you have to notify the contractor that you want to include the procedure.

Can I do the end of tenancy cleaning myself?

It depends on your tenancy contract and the preferences of your landlords. Some property owners require that a professional company does the cleaning, or it is explicitly mentioned in the contract.

How do I do an end of tenancy clean?

The easiest way to do it - delegate the task to a certified professional contractor. If you want to try it on your own, follow these steps:

  • Contact your landlord and discuss their sanitary requirements.
  • Make a list of all important sanitary chores.
  • Free at least one full day of your time for the job.
  • Do not forget to buy the necessary detergents and extra tools for the task.

A Quick Look At Our After-tenancy Cleaning Checklist


  • Wash and polish all work surfaces.
  • Clean inside cupboards and drawers. Remove all old food stuffs, carrier bags etc. and dispose of.
  • Clean sink and taps and remove lime scale and polish where required.
  • Wall tiles to be degreased, cleaned and polished.
  • Clean oven internally and externally to remove all built up grease. Polish any external chrome.
  • Clean and remove grime from extractor.
  • Clean and defrost refrigerator removing all grime, mildew and food deposits. Leave switched on.
  • Clean washing machine inside and out. Clean rubber at the door. Clean soap drawers and filters.
  • Clean dishwasher inside and out (if any).
  • Clean exterior of all appliances including kettle, toaster. Clean microwave inside and out.
  • Bins to be cleaned inside and out.


  • All bedroom furniture/storage units will be cleaned inside and out.
  • Carpets will be thoroughly vacuumed. Professional carpet cleaning can be added upon request.
  • Please note that carpet cleaning is not included in our standard list of end of tenancy cleaning tasks!
  • You may want to add hot water extraction carpet cleaning. Get 20% off if you book both services together.


  • Shower screen de-scaled, cleaned and polished.
  • Wall tiles degreased, cleaned and polished (mould growth if any removed from between grout).
  • Bath , basin, taps, shower and fittings to be cleaned, de-scaled, dried and polished.
  • Toilet to be de-scaled, and brushed clean. Seat to be cleaned.
  • All soap and shampoo etc. to be removed.
  • Mirrors to be cleaned and polished.
  • Floors to be washed and sanitised. If carpet, floor to be vacuumed.

General Areas

  • Dusting throughout, including: light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators.
  • All light furniture to be moved and carpets to be vacuum cleaned. Dust skirting boards.
  • Mattresses to be lifted and vacuumed under.
  • All other floors to be washed using correct type of cleaning materials.
  • All glass (furniture tops, mirrors, picture frames etc) to be cleaned with window cleaner.
  • Windows to be cleaned internally. Windows sills to be wiped down.
  • All doors and top of doors to be cleaned. Door handles to be polished.
  • Drawers and shelves to be cleared of any rubbish (newspapers and magazines etc.) and telephone directories to be kept and stored neatly.
  • Upholstery vacuumed, also cushions lifted and cleaned underneath.
  • All wooden furniture to be carefully wiped clear of dust.

Did You Know That...?

  • Footballer Gary Borrowdale (born 1985), who currently plays for Carrick Rangers, was born in Worcester Park.
  • Professional golfer James Heath (born 1983), who started playing golf at the age of ten, lives in the area.
  • Association football personality Jimmy Hill (born 1928), whose career has taken in every role in the game of football.
  • Painter William Holman Hunt (1827-1910), who was one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, painted ‘The Light of the World’, while he resided in Worcester Park in the early 1850s.
  • Conservative politician John Major (born 1943), who was the Prime Minister of the UK from 1990 until 1997 and leader of the Conservative Party, was born in Worcester Park KT4.
  • Electrical engineer Roger Mayer, who has developed several electric guitar effects, including the Octavia, which is an effect pedal that reproduces the input signal one octave higher.
  • Former decathlete Delay Thompson (born 1958), who won the decathlon gold medal at the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Games, lived near The Plough public house, Worcester Park.
  • Kenneth Wolstenholme (1920-2002), who was the original BBC football commentator.