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Helping Kensington homeowners and business managers with their carpet care since 1998

What Do We Offer? 


  • Excellent carpet shampoo and hot water extraction
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration
  • Mattress cleaning and anti-dust mite treatment
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Curtain cleaning
  • One-off and regular home carpet washing
  • Commercial carpet cleaning
  • Office carpet care
  • After-tenancy deep-clean carpet treatment
  • Scotchgard protection
  • Specialised spot and stain removal and anti-static treatment
  • Pet odour removal


The leading Kensington carpet cleaning contractor

How Much Does It Cost?

 Single bedroom  £25.00
 Double bedroom  £30.00
 Lounge  £37.00
 Hallway  £18.00
 Flight of stairs (up to 14 steps)  £30.00
 Landing  £10.00
 Bathroom  £10.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £25.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £37.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) from £45.00
Prices are subject to VAT and valid for postcodes within M25. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply. Minimum spend £60.

​​​​​​​Prices are subject to VAT. Congestion Charge and parking fees may apply. Minimum spend £50.

Home Carpet Washing

Remove the dirt, stains, and mould spots from your carpets with the most effective treatment in Kensington - hot water extraction and stain removal included!

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Anyclean offers affordable carpet washing for large-scale commercial premises, stores, and restaurants - impress your customers with a refreshed and comfortable interior!

Office Carpet Care

Your office carpets are exposed to heavy traffic, dirt, and moisture every day - we guarantee that we can keep them in perfect condition for a reasonable fee!

Upholstery Cleaning

From armchairs and sofas to curtains - Anyclean can thoroughly rejuvenate your Kensington home interior with a single visit! No risk of damage to your furniture.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our top technicians are qualified to treat all types of rugs - both natural-fibre and synthetic. No transport or moving fees required - we clean them on the spot!

Mattress Cleaning

If you have running nose or allergy-like symptoms every morning, check your mattress for dust mites - our hot water extraction will remove them for minutes.

Our Latest Cleaning Appointments In Kensington

  • Allen Str, Kensington, London W8 6UP.
  • Iverna Gardens, Kensington, London W8 6TH.
  • Argyll Rd, Kensington, London W8 7BG.
  • Campden Gr, Kensington, London W8 4JG.

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Our Carpet Treatment Methods

Spot And Stain Removal

That nasty wine or coffee stain has no place on your carpet! We employ powerful solvents to treat the fabrics locally and concentrate on the problematic areas for quicker and more effective results.

Anti-static Treatment

Do not let static electricity shorten the lifespan of your home appliances! Anyclean's specialised anti-static treatment delivers excellent results without damaging the carpet fabrics.

Scotchgard Protection

Keeping your carpets dust-free and protected from moisture has never been easier. Anyclean's Scotchgard treatment guarantees prolonged carpet life with 0% risk for the health of your family!

Hot Water Extraction

The most effective dust and dirt removal method available on the market - guaranteed! The combination of a biodegradable detergent and powerful steam injection is irresistible for any small particles!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Do you want to have clean carpets without having to wait for hours of drying time? The dry carpet cleaning method employs a VLM biodegradable component that achieves excellent results.

Pet Odour Removal

Do you have a pet in your household? The occasional stain on the carpet is almost inevitable. Do not worry - Anyclean will solve the problem for you, and remove the bad smell and soiling from your floors!

Before Carpet Washing

Kensington home carpet before shampoo

After Carpet Washing

Kensington home carpet after shampoo​​​​​​​

Outstanding hot water extraction results in W8

Why Should You Choose Anyclean As Your W8 Carpet Care Contractor? 

  • NCCA-trained and certified technicians
  • Top-tier professional equipment (Rotovac, Karcher)
  • Competitive prices
  • Hassle-free customer experience
  • Available seven days per week, holidays included
  • More than twenty years of impeccable experience
  • No risk of damage to your carpets
  • Bullet-proof Public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Same-day cleans for emergency cases
  • We serve both domestic and commercial customers
  • Multiple payment options.


The Anyclean Carpet Washing Team - Practice Makes Perfect!

You cannot achieve excellent carpet cleaning results while improvising. There are too many factors you have to take into account - fabric type, carpet age, the nature of the cleaning problem, and respectively the most effective solution. Our experience has taught us that the general, standard approach seldom works - every case is specific and brings different challenges.

We have turned this lesson into an advantage. Since the very establishment of Anyclean, our team adopted the idea of constant learning - taking additional courses, achieving better certification, and keeping in touch with the latest trends in the industry. We became a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association - the leading training institution for our industry in the UK. 

The membership has given us access to the most advanced training programs for new carpet cleaners. We can confidently claim that the Anyclean technicians are among the best-prepared carpet washers in West London. Combined with long years of experience, our skillset, and knowledge guarantee that there is hardly a carpet cleaning problem that can surprise us or stop us in our track!

The Customers' Voice

"My wife and I had decided to buy new carpets and refit the living room when a family friend mentioned Anyclean. We checked their prices and decided to give it a shot. The results were amazing! These guys saved us hundreds of pounds on new carpets!"

                                                                                                                                S. Jones, Allen Str, Kensington W8 6QX

Professional Carpet Shampoo In Kensington

You have chosen carpeting as your floor covering type - good for you! It brings extra warmth, beauty, and comfort in your home, office, or commercial space. It also involves, however, significant maintenance challenges. Carpets are harder to keep and clean than tile or wooden floors, for example. They accumulate much more dust, grime, and other small particles and are susceptible to mould formation and water damage. 

Most homeowners take only the primary steps for the care of their carpets - usually, these including sweeping and vacuum cleaning. They only address the problems on the carpet surface - and they are not particularly efficient at that as well. If you want your carpets to remain neat, fresh-looking, and with bright colours, you will need something more powerful than the weekly vacuuming. 

Anyclean comes to offer precisely that! We have brought London carpet care to new heights, delivering better results for less time, with more lasting effect. Our Kensington technicians are at your disposal for one-off and regular procedures, working seven days per week. We deliver essential carpet shampoo as well as specialised procedures like spot and stain removal, dry carpet cleaning, or anti-static treatment. 

If you have any questions about our pricing or wish to book an appointment right away, feel free to contact us on 020 7099 6964. You can also request a free, non-binding quote via the Contact Form - we will respond as quickly as possible!