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20+ years of hard work have made us one of the leading carpet washing contractors in Marylebone

What Services Do We Provide?


  • Domestic carpet cleaning - one-off, regular, and post-tenancy
  • Hot water extraction for commercial premises
  • Office carpet maintenance
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning
  • Curtain steam washing
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration
  • Mattress cleaning and anti-dust mite treatment


The leading carpet shampoo provider in the vicinity of GRFP 4W London, United Kingdom

How Much Do We Charge For Carpet Cleaning?


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Prices are subject to VAT and valid for postcodes within M25. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply. Minimum spend £60.

Top-level carpet care around GRFR GH London, United Kingdom

What Makes Us The Most Efficient Carpet Shampoo Choice In Marylebone?


  • Flexible appointments
  • Written quotes with fixed prices
  • Getting rid of tough stains, bacteria, dust mites and germs
  • You can book us seven days per week, all holidays included
  • Cleaning on the spot with no transportation costs
  • A bullet-proof public Insurance and Liability Policy
  • NCCA-trained and certified specialists
  • Competitive prices and special deals
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Money-back Guarantee

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Home Carpet Cleaning

Bring new life into your home carpets with the most efficient and result-oriented carpet-care service in Marylebone - Anyclean offers you top quality for the money you pay!

Commercial Carpet Washing

Large-scale steam washing and carpet treatment for local commercial premises at the best prices you can find in W1 - book your quote on 020 7099 6964 today!

Office Carpet Maintenance

Your office carpets are exposed to heavy traffic, dirt, and moisture every day - we guarantee that we can keep them in perfect condition for a reasonable fee!

Area Rug Cleaning

0% risk of damage and 100% cleaning efficiency - the perfect combination for your rug washing! Anyclean offers you the best prices for the service in W1 - guaranteed!

Mattress Cleaning

Make sure your bedroom is not infested with dust mites - our powerful steam washing will remove the nasty allergens with a long-term positive effect to your health!

Upholstery Cleaning

Do not despair if you spot another stain on the sofa or the weekly vacuuming no longer deals with the dust on the curtains - Anyclean has the perfect alternative for you!

Our Most Recent Cleaning Jobs In W1


  • Anti-dust mite treatment and mattress washing at Rodmarton Str, Marylebone, London W1U 8BH.
  • Monthly deep-clean for office carpets at Aybrook St, Marylebone, London W1U 4AW.
  • Regular house carpet care at Harley St, Marylebone, London W1G 6AD.
  • Curtain steam washing at Montagu Square, Marylebone, London W1H 2LE.

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What Carpet Treatment Methods Do We Apply?

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Do you need a quick fibre treatment of the carpet surface? Our VLM method employs a biodegradable compound that requires much less steam, providing excellent results.

Spot And Stain Removal

Your carpets are in good condition, except for the irritating persistent stains you cannot remove. Do not worry, Anyclean has the perfect instant solution to the problem!

Hot Water Extraction

What can possibly remove every bacterium, germ, and speck of dust even as deep as the carpet pad? Our combination of injected steam and a biodegradable compound!

Anti-static Carpet Treatment

If your home appliances start to malfunction more often than normal, book our anti-static treatment and we will remove the accumulated electricity right away.

Pet Odour Removal

There is no need to put up with the nasty smell of pet-urine stains - Anyclean's specialised method attacks the problem at its root and removes the soiling at 100%!

Scotchgard Protection

We take carpet care and long-term protection to the next level with a caredully selected stain and humidity repellent that will significantly extend the lifespan of the carpet!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can carpet cleaning damage your carpets?

Yes - if it is not done properly. Professional carpet-care specialists have very strict operative algorithms and follow them step by step. Extra care should be observed when your carpet receives hot water extraction - you must allow for the proper drying time before you can step on the treated area. All Anyclean technicians have received meticulous NCCA training and know how to protect your floor coverings while working on them.

Can wet carpets make you ill?

Unfortunately - yes. Wet and soiled carpets are the perfect environment for the formation of mould, bacteria, and germs that can cause asthma and other respiratory problems as well as dangerous bacterial infections.

Why do stains re-appear on my carpet?

Because the staining agent soils the carpet fibre below the surface and leaves a residue that is much harder to remove. It attracts humidity and microparticles which accumulate around it, and thus the stain re-appears. The only solution is to deep-clean the carpet or book a professional spot and stain removal service.

Do professional carpet cleaners always vacuum first?

In general - yes. Whenever we have to perform a thorough carpet treatment, we must remove small particles and dust first to improve the quality of the service. There are a few procedures (spot and stain removal, anti-static treatment, pet odour removal) that do not require preliminary vacuuming.



"Anyclean is everything you look for when you need a long-term, professional carpet cleaning partner - their team is result-oriented, hardworking, and punctual, and the customer support is outstanding!"

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Did You Know That...?


  • The area of Marylebone gets its name from a local church known as St. Mary by the Bourne. The settlement grew as residential district due to its location between bustling Oxford Street and peaceful Regent’s Park.

Sights and attractions in Marylebone:

  • Regent’s Park, near Marylebone, was designed by architect John Nash and covers area of nearly 400 acres. The park includes excellent sports facilities spanned over 100 acres, which makes it the park with the largest outdoor sports area in central London. The Regent’s Park also houses London Zoo, Open Air Theatre, Primrose Hill, the UK’s largest free to access waterfowl collections and about 100 species of wild bird.
  • Queen Mary’s Gardens. One of the local attractions is Queen Mary’s Gardens, situated in the Regent’s Park. Named after the wife of King George V, the gardens feature more than 30,000 roses of 400 varieties. Queen Mary’s Garden opened to the public in 1932, although the first rose garden was completed in 1934. Queen Mary’s Garden is London’s largest rose collection.
  • Madame Tussauds. This legendary museum is one of London’s most famous attractions, gathering millions of visitors each year from over the world. The museum gives you the opportunity to see various wax sculptures of celebrities from sports, movies, and music, as well as famous legendary heroes.
  • Sherlock Homes Museum, situated in the heart of Marylebone is Baker Street’s most visited attraction. It is a private-own museum located at the fictional number 221B and dedicated to one of world’s most famous fictional characters, the legendary detective Sherlock Holmes and his devoted colleague Doctor Watson.
  • Regent’s Canal. Perhaps one of the best kept beautiful spots of North and Central London, the Regent’s Canal offers some fantastic walks alongside its banks.
  • Marylebone Cricket Club Museum. Set within Lord’s Cricket Ground, which is London’s best known cricket venue and often called “home of cricket”, the Marylebone Cricket Club Museum is considered the oldest sporting museum in the world.

Notable past and present residents of Marylebone:

  • Musician Adam Ant was born in Marylebone, in 1954.
  • Philosopher Sir Alfred Jules “Freddie” Ayer (1910-1989).
  • General Benedict Arnold (1741-1801).
  • Actress Jane Asher (born 1946).
  • Welsh television presenter Stephen Ashton “Steve” Jones (born 1977).
  • Mathematician, philosopher and inventor Charles Babbage (1791-1871).
  • Irish hydrographer Rear Admiral Sir Francis Beaufort (1774-1857).
  • Magazine editor Isabella Blow (1958-2007), who was born in Marylebone.
  • Illusionist, painter and sceptic Darren Brown (born 1971).
  • Poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861).
  • Professional footballer Joe Cole (born 1981).
  • Writer and social critic Charles Dickens (1812-1870).
  • Painter Sir William Menzies Goldstream (1908-1987).
  • Actress and model Tamsin Egerton (born 1988).


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