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Highly Effective Carpet Care For N8 Homes And Businesses

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What Services Do We Provide?

  • Home carpet care - one-off, regular, and after-tenancy
  • Commercial carpet washing for local business premises
  • Office carpet maintenance
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration
  • Mattress washing and anti-dust mite treatment
  • Curtain steam washing
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning and rejuvenation


Efficient carpet steam washing in Crouch End by Anyclean

How Much Does It Cost To Book Our N8 Carpet Washers?

 Single bedroom  £25.00
 Double bedroom  £30.00
 Lounge  £37.00
 Hallway  £18.00
 Flight of stairs (up to 14 steps)  £30.00
 Landing  £10.00
 Bathroom  £10.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £25.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £37.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) from £45.00
Prices are subject to VAT and valid for postcodes within M25. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply. Minimum spend £60.

First-class carpet cleaners in the vicinity of HVJH PX London, United Kingdom

Why Is Anyclean The Top Carpet Treatment Choice In Crouch End?


  • We serve both domestic and commercial customers
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Strict quality control for every job
  • Competitive prices and great special deals for regular clients
  • We work seven days per week, all holidays included
  • Easy to book - all it takes is a 5-minute phone call
  • Multiple payment options
  • Excellent results in case of mould, persistent stains, and dirt smothering
  • We work with the best brands of equipment the UK market has to offer - Karcher, RotoVac, Host, Prochem

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Domestic Carpet Cleaning

Bring new life into your home carpets with the most efficient and result-oriented carpet-care service in Crouch End - Anyclean offers you top quality for the money you pay!

Commercial Carpet Care

Anyclean's affordable upkeep packages are aimed at restaurant or store owners and business managers who strive the find the balance between quality and cost of service.

Office Carpet Upkeep

Anyclean's specialised service counters the negative effect of heavy foot traffic and constant wear and tear, and keeps your office carpets in pristine condition!

Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture and curtains require regular attention too! Provide it by booking the most reliable steam washing specialists in N8 with Anyclean!

Mattress Washing

Your bedroom will be much safer and more comfortable after Anyclean's steam washing treatment for mattresses, which achieves 100% dust-mite removal.

Area Rug Cleaning

Our top technicians are qualified to treat all types of rugs - both natural-fibre and synthetic. No transport or moving fees required - we clean them on the spot!

Our Latest Cleaning Appointments In N8


  • Emergency home carpet deep clean at Rosebery Gardens, Crouch End, London N8 8SH.
  • Monthly office carpet upkeep treatment at Weston Park, Crouch End, London N8 9TD.
  • Upholstered chairs steam washing at Elder Ave, Crouch End, London N8 9DE.
  • Commercial hot water extraction at The Broadway, Crouch End, London N8 9SN.

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020 7099 6964

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Do We Employ?

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Do you need a quick fibre treatment of the carpet surface? Our VLM method employs a biodegradable compound that requires much less steam, providing excellent results.

Hot Water Extraction

Is your carpet heavily soiled and stained? Our steam washing treatment will remove all the grime, bacteria, and germs with no trace left - down to the carpet padding!

Scotchgard Protection

Your carpet is now clean and pampered - but is it really protected? At Anyclean, we offer you the most effective moisture and stain-repellent available on today's market!

Spot And Stain Removal

Your carpets are in good condition, except for the irritating persistent stains you cannot remove. Do not worry, Anyclean has the perfect instant solution to the problem!

Anti-static Carpet Treatment

Though invisible, static electricity is a major problem for modern households and can cause severe problems - unless you book Anyclean's highly effective treatment!

Pet Odour Removal

Having a pet in your household does not mean that you have to put up with the urine stains and unpleasant smell - our top service deals with both issues at the same time!

Frequently Asked Questions


Can You Clean My Carpets While I Am At Work?

Yes, of course. You can leave a set of keys to your neighbour, porter or letting/estate agent. Please provide the contact details where we have to pick up the keys from including a name and a telephone number. We will collect the keys, do the job and then return the keys to the initial collection address or post them back through the letterbox.
Please note that we may charge you £20.00+VAT if keys have to be picked up from a different postcode.
We insist that you are present at the time of completion so you can inspect the results and pay any outstanding balances to the carpet cleaner.

Is dry carpet cleaning better than steam washing?

It depends on the specific condition of the carpet and the issues we must solve. Dry carpet cleaning is quicker and delivers better results for surface treatment. If we need to deep-clean the carpet, though, and remove grime down to the carpet pad, hot water extraction is the incomporably better method.

How do you restore a faded carpet?

The "fading" factor or discolouring is usually due to a heavy dust and dirt smothering. Therefore:

  • We carefully vacuum the carpet surface and remove the upper layer of dust.
  • We perform a hot water extraction treatmen that removes any residue and rejuvenates the carpet.
  • We apply Scotchgard Protector that further improves the carpet appearance and keeps the dust, humidity, and stains at bay.

Can I use bleach to remove a persistent stain from the carpet?

It is a very bad idea because the bleach is most likely going to make things worse, spreading the soiling deeper into the fabrics. You can also damage the carpet threads beyond repair using heavy chemicals.

Customer Reviews


"The Anyclean service is not only effective and brings long-lasting effect - it is also faster than anything else I have seen. The carpet cleaner needed a little under three hours to clean all the carpets and upholstered furniture in the house."

                                                                                                                              H. Thomas, Rokesly Ave, Crouch End, London N8 8NR

Best Places To Visit While We Clean Your Carpets


  • Crouch End, with their own private ground and excellent private facilities. Formerly known as Calthorpe CC, the club was originally established around 1874 in Calthorpe Street, on the site between Farringdon Road and Grays Inn Road. It was in the early 1900s when the Crouch End CC moved to its present home on the Shepherds Cot in Crouch End N8, and has remained on this ground ever since. The club has a great, full-sized ground that provides stunning panoramic views of Muswell Hill and Alexandra Palace. Facilities on the site include two changing rooms, a fully stocked private bar, BBQ area, seating for about 100 people and kitchen facilities for event catering. There are also two static practice nets, a separate score-box, as well as a mobile net for use on the square. The Crouch End Cricket Club is always looking for new members and welcomes all standards of players, by providing a wide range of fixtures to satisfy all tastes.
  • Priory Park. It is a lovely central park based in Crouch End N8 that has been a Green Flag award winner since 2003. The park covers an irregular shaped 6.5 hectares and has something to offer for everyone. In addition to the beautiful green space it includes a great children’s playground, a café with seating indoor as well as outside and a padding pool. There is also a variety of sports facilities which includes tennis courts, basketball courts and other recreational facilities. Visited by more than 25,000 people each year, the Priory Park in Crouch End N8 is very popular with walkers and joggers and plays host to the amasing YMCA Fun Run. One of the most interesting features in the park is an outstanding fountain. Built from 50 tonnes of Lamorna granite, the fountain was set in the Pleasure Grounds and unveiled in 1909.