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If your Blackheath home or office carpets need washing, Anyclean would be the perfect choice for the job

What Services Do We Provide?

  • Home carpet washing - one-off, regular, and end of tenancy
  • Commercial carpet care for local businesses
  • Office carpet maintenance
  • Mattress washing and anti-dust mite treatment
  • Curtain steam washing
  • Upholstered furniture cleaning and rejuvenation
  • Area rug cleaning and restoration


First-class carpet treatment in Blackheath, South East London

How Much Does It Cost To Book Our Blackheath Carpet Cleaners?

 Single bedroom  £25.00
 Double bedroom  £30.00
 Lounge  £37.00
 Hallway  £18.00
 Flight of stairs (up to 14 steps)  £30.00
 Landing  £10.00
 Bathroom  £10.00
 Small rug (up to 2 sq m)  £25.00
 Large rug (3-6 sq m)  £37.00
 Extra large rug ( more than 6 sq m) from £45.00
Prices are subject to VAT and valid for postcodes within M25. Congestion charge and parking fee may apply. Minimum spend £60.

Top-tier carpet steam washing near F275 QV London, United Kingdom

What Makes Us The Most Efficient Carpet Shampoo Contractor In SE3?


  • 20+ years in the industry
  • A team of highly skilled and dedicated carpet cleaning technicians
  • Money-back Guarantee
  • Strict quality control for every job
  • Quick and easy to book
  • No long-term contracts, no hidden fees or extra charges
  • Available seven days per week, all holidays included
  • Excellent results in case of mildew, persistent stains, and dirt smothering
  • We work with top brands of professional equipment only - RotoVac, Karcher, Prochem, Host

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Domestic Carpet Washing

Whatever your home carpets need to stay in perfect condition, we are ready to provide! Regular and one-off steam washing or stain removal included!

Commercial Carpet Care

If your restaurant, bookstore or any other local business have carpeted floors, Anyclean is the perfect partner to make sure they always stay in pristine condition!

Office Carpet Upkeep

Anyclean allows you to book an affordable maintenance package for your office carpets without making compromises with quality! Order today on 020 7099 6964!

Area Rug Cleaning

Do not improvise when it comes to rug care and maintenance - let our experienced technicians take care of your prized possessions for your peace of mind.

Mattress Washing

We will steam-wash your mattress, removing any trace of dust mites or other nasty allergens - within fifteen minutes, your bedroom will be as health-safe as ever!

Upholstery Cleaning

Sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and even curtains - if you want them to look just like they used to when you bought them, sign up for Anyclean's upholstery cleaning service!

Our Latest Cleaning Jobs Around The Area


  • One-off home carpets deep-clean at Pond Rd, London SE3 9JL.
  • Two large Persian rugs washing at Royal Parade, Blackheath, London SE3 0TL.
  • Thorough furniture steam washing and stain removal at Baizdon Rd, Blackheath, London SE3 0UN.
  • Regular office carpet cleaning at Merryfield, Blackheath, London SE3 0SQ.

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020 7099 6964

What Carpet Cleaning Methods Do We Use?

Scotchgard Protection

Your carpet is now clean and pampered - but is it really protected? At Anyclean, we offer you the most effective moisture and stain-repellent available on today's market!

Hot Water Extraction

If your carpet is heavily soiled and smothered under layers of dust and grime, the deep-clean steam washing is the only effective way to restore it to a health-safe condition.

Spot And Stain Removal

Your carpets are in good condition, except for the irritating persistent stains you cannot remove. Do not worry, Anyclean has the perfect instant solution to the problem!

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Do you need a quick fibre treatment of the carpet surface? Our VLM method employs a biodegradable compound that requires much less steam, providing excellent results.

Pet Odour Removal

Having a pet in your household does not mean that you have to put up with the urine stains and unpleasant smell - our top service deals with both issues at the same time!

Anti-static Carpet Treatment

If nothing else helps when your electric appliances start to malfunction all too often, book Anyclean's anti-static carpet treatment - the results will be shockingly impressive!

Where Can You Book Us?

Anyclean's top-notch South East London carpet cleaning services are at your disposal in the nearby areas as well:


Anyclean serves the entire area within a 2-mile radius from the Lloyds Bank branch

at 15 Blackheath Village, Blackheath, London SE3 9LH, United Kingdom

Frequently Asked Questions


Can carpet cleaning damage your carpets?

Yes - if it is not done properly. Professional carpet-care specialists have very strict operative algorithms and follow them step by step. Extra care should be observed when your carpet receives hot water extraction - you must allow for the proper drying time before you can step on the treated area. All Anyclean technicians have received meticulous NCCA training and know how to protect your floor coverings while working on them.

Is professional carpet cleaning better than doing it yourself?

Many people do not believe it or do not want to admit it, but you can never achieve the efficiency of a professional carpet cleaner. First of all, you do not have access to the specialised equipment and materials that are at our disposal. Second, we have spent years in acquiring our level of knowledge in the best techniques for carpet treatment. Third - you may try to deep-clean your carpet once a year, we do it every day.

How long will it take my carpets to dry out after the service?

Normally your carpets will be dry in about 3 hours after completion of the cleaning service. However in some cases where extensive treatment due to a heavily stained carpet has been provided the drying process may take longer than 3 hours.

Can I use bleach to remove a persistent stain from the carpet?

It is a very bad idea because the bleach is most likely going to make things worse, spreading the soiling deeper into the fabrics. You can also damage the carpet threads beyond repair using heavy chemicals.




"I was impressed by the results of the carpet washing, but what surprised me even more was the speed and efficiency of the performance - it looked as though the carpet cleaner was not doing even the slightest redundant move!"

                                                                                                      G. Green, Tranquil Vale, Blackheath, London SE3 0BP

Best Places To Visit While We Clean Your Carpets


  • The Conservatorie is the Blackheath’s local independent arts centre. The centre was established in 1881 by William Webster, and together with the Blackheath Halls, form the London’s oldest surviving purpose built multi-arts complex. Today the Conservatorie offers a wide range of exciting group courses for children, young people and adults. Each week it provides a broad mix of music, art, drama, as well as cultural classes to over 1000 people of all ages. Whether you are interested in music, art or culture, there is no doubt you will find something inspirational at the Conservatorie in Blackheath. 
  • Blackheath Halls. Housed in a spectacular building, it is one of the premier entertainment venues in Blackheath SE3. Renowned for its excellent acoustics and wonderful interior decoration, the Blackheath Halls is situated on the outskirts of London and only 12 minutes by train from its centre. It is considered by many as the London’s oldest purpose built concert hall that is still in service. The venue hosts a nice selection of different shows through the year. This includes music and comedy performances, contemporary dance, art and traditional plays. 
  • Blackheath Park. It is a good sized and varied public green space located in the centre of the beautiful and Southeast London. Blackheath Park is renowned as one of the ??in places for local residents and visitors of the area for rest and relaxation for many years. It is extremely popular during the warm summer months when it attracts many walkers, picnickers and people playing sports. 
  • St. Margaret’s Church. Situated in Lee Road, the main road between Blackheath and Lewisham, this church is a fascinating example of the ecclesiastical architecture. The building’s grand façades cast a mystic shadow over the predominantly residential areas which surround the church. The local Christian community meet on a regular basis at St. Margaret’s to worship and pray, as well as to get involved with locals social affairs and charity events.