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Proudly Providing Effective Carpet Cleaning in Streatham SW16 Since 1998

For over a decade we have been servicing local customers in need of a professional steam clean. We invest in modern carpet care technology and highly motivate our service techs to guarantee excellent client experience.

Our company is the best choice for stain removal and deep hot water extraction as well Scotchgard protection as after care for your carpets. We assure you your precious floor coverings are in safe hands at all times. We treat every single spot and mark your expensive 80/20 Axminster with due care and attention. We meticuously shampoo and steam clean thoroughly all carpet fibres so the end result is a fresh and healthy floor for you and your family to enjoy.

Dry Carpet Encapsulation in South London

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Our Residential Service at a Glance

  • Professional carpet cleaning for manmade fibres
  • Hot water extraction method using portable and truck mount equipment, ideal for synthetic carpet
  • Dry HOST carpet encapsulation suitable for natural fibres, jute-backed and wool carpeting
  • Rotary carpet shampoo machines
  • Bonnet buffing
  • Stain removal
  • Scotchguard protection
  • Stainshield protector
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Dust mites eradication
  • Getting rid of allergens
  • Pet urine and odour removal
  • Removal of detergent residue causing resoiling.
  • Antistaining and antisoiling treatments
  • Elimination of humidity and mould growth, typical for Victorian Streatham houses
  • Faster carpet drying times by improving air flow using turbo driers and air movers
  • Very low moisture (VLM) carpet cleaning systems

Just like anything else at your home, your carpet will need a service once in a while in order to get rid of the dirt, bacteria and dust builds up. This is where Anyclean's service comes to help. We offer a comrehensive domesticl deep cleaning service, tailored according to each customer\'s needs and provided in accordance to the NCCA's code of practice.



Single bedroom ....................£20.00

Double bedroom ....................£25.00

Lounge ....................£27.00

Hallway ....................£15.00

Staircase (up to 12 steps) ....................£18.00

Landing ....................£6.00

Bathroom ....................£5.00

Rug (small) ....................£15.00

Rug (large) ....................£25.00


How To Clean Carpets For Best Results

This is how Anyclean puts a smile on a customer's face 10 out of 10:

  1. We respect your soft furnishings and carpeted floors. All our service techs bring plenty of overshoes to put on while sanitising your carpet.
  2. We deploy powerful suction to enable vacuuming the dislodged grit and dirt from the carpet fibres.
  3. We treat the dirt and grime with high Ph alkaline detergent usually manufactured by market leaders such as Prochem or Chemspec
  4. An important part of the process is thorough mechanical agitation with a grooming brush. The pre-spray needs to be worked into the fibres so any general dirt is loosened and ready for removal. 
  5. Prespray dwell time needs to be allowed in precise proportions in order to ensure effective preparation of the carpet.
  6. Using or portable extractors or powerful truckmounts we deploy what is also called "hot water extraction" or "steam cleaning". By that time those dust mites don't stand a chance.
  7. Anyclean carpet cleaners always rinse out the applied alkaline pre-spray with acidic detergent so your carpeting is always left in neutral Ph thus eliminating the resoiling of high traffic areas in your home.
  8. Depending on access to outdoor ventilation our Streatham carpet technicians deploy 1 or 2 air movers (also known as turbo driers - large fans producing strong air movement) to speed up drying time and to avoid mould growth.
  9. Carpet manufacturers recommend applying Scotchgard (or any other stain protective treatment) in order to prolong the life of your carpet and to prevent permanent discolouration due to spillages. Very effective and highly recommended by Anyclean.
  10. We finish off the deep clean by applying awesome carpet deodoriser that brings out the best colours of your carpet and leaves a lovely fresh smell throughout your home.

By the time we have completed the above steps, your carpet is nice and clean and your indoor air quality improved significantly.


What The Real Benefit of Carpet Cleaning? 

A lot of scientific study and research have gone into the role of carpeted floors acting as a filter trapping allergens, dust and other allergy causing bugs. Famous among them are the 15 year long Swedish study that proved that there was no correlation between the use of carpet in people's homes and asthma cases. In fact, quite the opposite happened when carpet installations in Sweden decreased by 70% then asthma cases increased by 30%. A no brainer, really. After the results of the Swedish study were published carpet use started to go on the increase. Guess what happened with the asthma cases? They started to go down. 

So, congratulations! You have made the right choice by fitting your home with carpets. Anyclean can provide world class carpet care and maintenance so you always enjoy excellent indoor air quality.

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Protect Your Investment

maintained carpets

We understand that people spend a lot for carpeting at their homes and it is clear that the expect the best service for their carpets when it comes to cleaning them professionally. Our goal is to make your carpets as healthy and clean as when you first fitted them and we use products which promise excellent results. 

Advanced Cleaning Equipment

With that kind of investment for your home, we realise how important it is to use the right equipment in order to achieve the desired results. We at Anyclean have entrusted Prochem as they best accomplish the effect we need as giving perfection to our customers is our main goal. 


Devoted Carpet Cleaners

All carpet fibre care technicians we work with have been carefully selected and we have trained and vetted them to ensure our customers they have one of the best carpet cleaners in their homes. They are familiar how to operate the carpet cleaning equipment and they are proficient in using various cleaning products in order to make your carpet look its best.

The Highest Level of Service Guaranteed

With our carpet cleaning service in Streatham SW16 we guarantee that we not only remove dirt, but also contaminants which cause allergies and are harmful to your health. For your complete satisfaction, we guarantee we will come back free of charge should there be any irregularities with the cleaning you paid for. 


hot water extraction


What Areas Does Anyclean Cleaners Cover

Our company has a constant availability in the following neighbourhoods:

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Did you know that we also offer Window Cleaning and Domestic Cleaning that go nicely with your carpet booking? For a full list of what we do please click visit our Streatham cleaning services page.

What To Do While Our Carpet Wizards Deep Clean Your Soft Coverings

Why not escape from the noisy powerful carpet cleaning equipment that has just been deployed at your Streatham home. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Leigham Court Conservation Area. Streatham is an inner city suburb so it carries many of the social issues that go with this status. The Leigham Court Conservation Area refers to the Leigham Court Housing Estate, which was made a conservation area by Lambeth Council. The estate was built during the late Victorian era as a new housing project for ordinary people who lived in the southwest London suburb. Due to a great sense of community feel has always existed on the site of this architecturally attractive residential area, the buildings, which form the Leigham Court Housing Estate, were declared preservation area. This was to preserve the facilities and the authentic way of life that have for many years characterised this southwest London area. 
  • Hillside Gardens. It is a good sized public park set within the residential areas of SW16, in the borough of Lambeth. Located, as the name suggests, in Hillside, in the southwest London suburb, the site is perfectly maintained by the local authority. Hillside Gardens s famous with young, adults and old alike, who wish to escape the nosy roads and crowded streets of the city. The site offers the ideal place for rest and relaxation in pastoral surrounding. 

Notable past and present local residents

  • Labour Party politician Ken Livingstone (born 1945), who was former head of the Greater London Council from 1981 until 1986 when the Council was abolished. Livingstone is the first elected Mayor of London from the establishment of the office in 2000 and a great lover of Axminster and Wilton carpets.
  • Composer and poet Arnold Bax (1883-1953), who spend his childhood in Pendennis Road, SW16. Today there is an English Heritage blue plaque marking his home. As you have rightly guessed, his house was covered in beautiful natural fibres and hand knotted rugs.
  • British-born Belgium inventor Georges Montefiore-Levi (1832-1906), who was an active philanthropist, was born in Streatham. His passion for clean carpets and cleanliness as a whole was very well documented. 
  • Saxophonist, composer and bandleader Ken Mackintosh (1919-2005), who has lived for many years at the Number 26 South Side, Streatham Common.
  • Drum and bass DJ Grooverider, is a local man who was born in 1967. Not a great carpet cleaner himself, the turntable genius regularly employs the services of local Streatham carpet cleaners. 
  • Musician Mark King (born 1958), who is best known as the lead singer and bassist for the pop-rock and jazz-funk band, Level 42.